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Teens At Desert Vista High School In Arizona Spells Out The N-Word On T-Shirts For Yearbook Photo

Teens At Desert Vista High School In Arizona Spells Out The N-Word On T-Shirs For Yearbook Photo

If anyone believed that we live in a utopian world where racism doesn’t exist, here’s a quick reminder.

On Friday, students at Desert Vista High School in Arizona wore t-shirts for their annual senior yearbook photo spelling out the n-word. These young girls were full of school spirit —- so much that they posted it on social media. The shirts were part of a broader message that included: “BEST-YOU’VE-EVER-SEEN-CLASS-OF-2016,” which was a photo found by a parent on Instagram.


The photos cause an immediate outrage and parents quickly contacted the school. On Twitter, the Desert Valley High School addressed the matter.


In a continued effort to put out the horrible media frenzy these young girls caused, the executive director of community relations for the Tempe Union High School District, Jill Hanks, also provided this statement:
“We are absolutely aware and outraged by this behavior. The students will be disciplined in accordance with district policy and while we don’t discuss specific discipline I can tell you that will be addressing the obvious need for sensitivity training in this case. ”

According to reports, each year the students partake in a panoramic senior photo for the yearbook with pre-approved shirts. However, this group of young’ns got a little slick and showed up to the party with unapproved attire. Faculty for Desert Vista confirmed that they were unaware of the shirts. Luckily for the school, the photo wasn’t included in the shot.

Weigh in! How would you feel if students from your child’s school took a photo like this? What type of disciplinary action should they receive? Share your comments below.


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