Teen Girls Body Found In Freezer At Rosemont Hotel After Hanging Out With Friends

Teen Girls Body Found In Freezer At Rosemont Hotel After Hanging Out With Friends

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A young teen by the name of Kenneka Jenkins, 19 years old was found dead early Sept. 10, 2017 after being found in the freezer at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

It was initially rumored she was invited out with a group of friends who owed a $200.00 debt to a man and allegedly used her to pay the debt.

However,  according to Chicago Tribune, police say Jenkins apparently let herself into the freezer while inebriated and died inside. An autopsy was expected to be performed Sunday, said Becky Schlikerman, spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office. It wasn’t immediately clear whether foul play was suspected in Jenkins’ death.

Martin said she immediately headed to the hotel early Saturday morning to try to find her daughter. But she said it was late Saturday night before Rosemont police told her Jenkins’ body had been found inside a walk-in freezer in the hotel that was turned on and cold but was not being used to store food.

Speaking to reporters outside the hotel Sunday morning, Martin said she was having trouble understanding what had happened.

“(I’m) horrified,” she said. “It’s something that no one could ever imagine. It’s unbelievable.”

Gary Mack, a spokesman for the village of Rosemont, couldn’t release specific details pertaining to Jenkins’ death.

“Our police department is conducting a very thorough investigation and I know that they’re good at what they do. I’m sure everything will come to light in short order.”

Ear Hustle 411 is searching for more details and will update you once we have an official cause of death.


Source:  Chicago Tribune

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