Talib Kweli, John Legend Challenge Piers Morgan On The Use Of The N-Word

Talib Kweli, John Legend Challenge Piers Morgan On The Use Of The N-word


Newsman Piers Morgan thinks the N-word should be abolished, and for that to happen, Black people should stop using the word.

“It’s such an inflammatory and offensive word that for any high profile White person to publicly use it, without abbreviating to ‘N-word,’ is rightly tantamount to professional suicide and personal opprobrium,” Piers wrote in an open letter via The Daily Mail.

According to his research, the term is used more than 500,000 times daily in the United States.

Though the word, which is a derivative of the word “Negro,” originated from the mouths of White Americans during the days of slavery, Piers said Black people hold the key to ending its use.

“The reason it is so ingrained in pop culture is that many Blacks, especially young Blacks reared to the soundtrack of N-word splattered rap music, use it in an ironic way,” he wrote.

Popular artists John Legend and Talib Kweli both challenged Piers on his assertion that Blacks could abolish the word forever, by not using it.

“What you suggested was actually useless and directed the blame for racism on the victims’ use of a word. Focus elsewhere,” John wrote via Twitter.

Talib penned his thoughts for a column on Medium.com. The rapper suggested that the real reason Piers and many other non-Blacks want to abolish the N-word, is because they’re secretly upset that they cannot say it, while others can.

“He writes that Blacks ‘enjoy the freedom of being able to say it now in the knowledge that it’s become taboo for whites to do so.’ This is the true heart of the matter for White folks who get upset enough to write op-eds about Blacks who say n*gger. They want to say it too. They see it as a ‘freedom’ that we ‘enjoy’ that they can’t. As if they don’t enjoy enough ‘freedoms,’ Talib wrote. “Why y’all wanna say it so bad anyway?”

Check out Piers’ piece here. | Read Talib’s essay at Medium.com.





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