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SunShyne’s Minute of Motivation!!

When I come across something that stirs up my soul, I just have to share.  I saw this video on Facebook of a blind young lady singing the Star Spangled Banner at the University of Kentucky Women’s basketball game.

Marlana Vanhoose was born with Cytomegalovirus, a virus that can cause developmental disabilities she gave the most spirit filled rendition of the National Anthem that I have ever heard since Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye.  Although she is physically blind I am quite certain she felt the love of the crowd as she received a standing ovation and cheers that would blow your ear drums.


Enjoy SunShyne’s Minute of Motivation with Marlana VanHoose.  May God keep blessing this young lady as she blesses others with her beautiful voice.

Peace and Blessings


Source: YouTube

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