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Suburban Boston, Massachusetts Police Officer Admits To Lying About Being Shot At

Should we surprised that another officer has been caught in a lie?  Nope, not really!! Unfortunately law enforcement “professionals” particularly the ones who are doing right by the job they have are being overshadowed by the many who do things like this and disgrace the badge. There’s no excuse for any of the shenanigans & unethical behaviors the bad batch of officers are displaying. Hmmm…wonder how long will it take to sweep this infraction under the rug?

Read more as reported by CBS News:


MILLIS, Mass. — A police officer in a Boston suburb has been fired after authorities say he fabricated a story about exchanging gunfire with a suspect, reports CBS Boston.

Millis Police Sergeant William Dwyer made the announcement Thursday, a day after the police department said they were looking for a gunman who was reported to have fired at a police cruiser.

Police initially said a suspect on Wednesday afternoon fired 2 to 3 shots at a Millis officer, who returned three shots of his own.

The police car crashed and caught fire. The officer wasn’t seriously hurt.

But on Thursday, Dwyer said ballistics testing determined that the only bullets found at the scene belonged to the officer.

Criminal charges are expected against the officer, who has not yet been identified, reports CBS Boston.

The part-time officer had reportedly worked with the Millis Police Department for just over a year, but he had not yet completed police academy.

“I’m very upset and don’t know how to feel,” Sgt. Dwyer told reporters.

Two threats were made to Millis schools before the reported shooting Wednesday. The schools were closed as a precaution. Dwyer said it remains unclear if the incidents are connected.

Source: CBS News

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