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Studies Show That Ancient Africans Were The “First Real” Geeks

It’s amazing but yet really cool when studies are done and the results mostly go back to the African areas. In the article below, the studies completed point back to ancient Africa stating the “first” real geeks were from Ancient Africa. Items ranging from art to jewelry to weapons going back more than 70,000 years. People of color have created several “firsts” but are rarely given the proper credit for their inventions or creations. Maybe this study will be different.

Read more as reported by Daily Mail:

Studies claim that modern human technology began more than 70,000 years ago in South Africa before advancing to other communities. If these findings are correct this definitely makes #Ancient Africans the first real geeks. It was there that #Black ancestors made the first abstract art, jewelry and first bone tools, probably the first stone tipped arrows and spears. There have been contradictory claims based on archaeological findings over the past decade with people believing modern human behavior originated in Europe about 40,000 years ago.


It is believed by scientist that with the development of long-range weapons in Africa it was the first breakthrough that allowed humans to become dominant species. Archaeologist Professor Christopher Henshilwood, of Wits University in South Africa, was reported by the Dailymail.co.uk saying that recent research show that Africa is indeed the birthplace of modern human cognition.

“All of these innovations, plus many others we are just discovering, clearly show that Homo sapiens in southern Africa at that time were cognitively modern and behaving in many ways like ourselves.” (Dailymail.co.uk). Some of the items made by Africans include (engraved ochre and engraved ostrich eggshell); the first jewelry (shell beads); the first bone tools; and the earliest use of the pressure flaking technique, that was used in combination with heating to make stone spear points and the first probable use of stone tipped arrows.


Research also explains a little as to why there were the making of these gadgets, according to Professor Henshilwood the answers are found in demography and climate change, particularly changing sea levels, which were huge drivers of innovation and variability in material culture. There are still many discoveries still being made and according to Professor Henshilwood, “In just the past decade our knowledge of Homo sapiens behavior in the Middle Stone Age, and in particular of the Still Bay and Howiesons Poort, has expanded considerably. With the benefit of hindsight we may ironically conclude that the origins of “Neanthropic Man”, the epitome of behavioral modernity in Europe, lay after all in Africa.”

Source: Daily Mail

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