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Steelers-Rams Game Sets The Tone For Future NFL Games And The Theme Is FIYAH!!

WOW!!!! EarHustle411 and the writing staff are avid fans of sports but this one we could not let pass without reporting.  We guess the St. Louis Rams team was really “fired up” today!!! The Steelers-Rams football game was delayed for a bit because the turf was set on fire.  The pyrotechnics had a mind of their own during pregame festivities and got a bit out of control causing the game to be delayed about 28 minutes.  Welp, with the Rams losing big to the Redskins, they could have used some extra “fire” to get them going.

To the rescue was an ordinary household ShopVac….WOW!!!

turf fire

On a serious note EarHustle411 is glad that no one was hurt in the incident and the game is underway.  Good Luck to either team!!


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