Stars In The Sky: Stories Of The First African-American Flight Attendants Should Be Your Next Book To Buy

EarHustle411 and the writing staff can appreciate a good book and the buzz that’s surrounding a story that is so long overdue to be told is profound.

“Stars In the Sky: Stories of the First African-American Flight Attendants by Casey Grant (a retired Delta Airlines Flight Attendant) is several stories and accounts of the barriers she and other African-American Flight Attendants were able to overcome. According to the snippets we came across, the issues of racism from their peers to the passengers and this book is set to be an eye-opener as well as one to bring to the forefront what they went through as well as the status and prestige the position held during their tenure.

She makes mention in the book about the first airport located in Robbins, IL, first suburb of Chicago with predominately black residents.  It was the first and only airport owned and operated by blacks in 1930 and how a terrible storm destroyed its very existence. There’s more to this great piece of aviation history.

Stars in the sky

Photo Credit: Casey Grant

According to the book has garnered 5 Stars and the reviews are stunning and well deserved, look at what a former AFSCME Union Treasurer wrote about the book:

“Ms. Grant presents an incredible story of change in the lives of thousands of young, bright, talented and professional African American women, as well the change in the institutional culture of a major industry. The public at large knows little of the trials and tribulations they endured, or the barriers they broke down, or the bridges they built, so others might enjoy greater opportunities and careers. Ms. Grant reflects on those that made the cut. Their lives and their stories will be a continuous inspiration to young women to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars.” -William Lucy (Ret.) International Secretary-Treasurer AFSCME

Stars In The Sky is 160 pages of non-stop stories of pride, pain, racism and revelation and is definitely a MUST BUY!! Grab your copy of the book on Amazon or stop at your local bookstore and if it’s not there request it.

casey Grant

photo credit: Casey Grant

EarHustle411 KUDOS to Casey Grant for her diligence in getting her experience and the experiences of her peers told.  We’ve ordered our copy and look forward to engaging in the historical content.


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