Stalker Found in Sanaa Lathan’s Home Sleeping In Her Bed!!!


Sanaa Lathan was in for a terrifying surprise when she found out a stalker had gotten into her home!

Authorities said contractors working at the Best Man Holiday star’s home found a man named Shawn Caples sleeping in her laundry room last Friday. According to TMZ.com, Sanaa recently took out a restraining order against Shawn.

Shawn, who claims to be Sanaa’s husband, was chased out of the house only to show up again later the same day when the actress was home. Sanaa told him to leave by shouting, “Get the f*ck out of here.” She had to call the cops to remove him when he refused to go away.

Court documents also state that he appeared on Sanaa’s doorstep three days later, and she had to hide in fear.

Shawn has been arrested for stalking, and he’s not allowed to come within 100 yards of Sanaa when he gets out.


Source:  Sister2Sister




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