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Speechless: Having Sex With Your Pet Will Now Be Prohibited In Germany; Parliment Just Passed Anti-Bestility Law [VIDEO]

Having Sex With Your Pet Will Now Be Prohibited In Germany Parliment Passed Anti-Bestility Law

Mans best friend is being demoralized and sexually abused by barbaric human predators in Germany.  They literally had a Bestial Tourism where people with this sick sensation would fly to Germany and other European countries to engage in this horrific act by having sex with animals specifically dogs.

One man in the  video says,” I need an animal to be happy, if I didn’t have an animal, there would be something missing.  He goes on to say there are some levels of relationships with your animals and you can fall in love with your animal and the sexual relationship is not out of the question.”

The man said, ” it starts slowly, like childs play like when you play the doctor with children.”

It was legal to have sex with animals in Germany because the animal welfare laws were relaxed since 1969.  They even have brothels devoted to this disgusting perverted act.

There are over 100 thousand Zooafiles in Germany which are people who have sex with animals.  Currently Denmark, Sweden and Belgium are the only countries without a zoophilia law where it’s still legal to engage in sexual acts with animals, luckily for the animals in Germany a New law enacted this week which is making this act illegal.

Check out the Video Below

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