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Someone You Should Know- “J. Price Kids & Company, Kids Who Made Their Dreams A Reality”


In today’s society, all you hear are the bad things children are doing as if the media is fixated on keeping the negativity alive and well.  It’s not too often you hear about young people starting their own business and teaching others to excel.  Ear Hustle 411 caught up with J. Price Kids & Company a family of 6 loving young children ranged from 3 to 13 years old who started their own Natural soaps, Oils and product line. 

These children are certainly worthy to be praised for being diligent, never giving up and trying to secure a financially stable future.  Check out their products and like their Facebook  Fan Page.


J. Price Kids & Company is a company established by siblings who range from the age of 3 to 13 years old. 3 year old  (Pilar). 6 year old  (Knowledge), 8 year old  (Lendon), 10 year old  (Len), 12 year old  (Me’yah) and 13 year old  (Ryann)  which are all home-schooled and they  each excel academically.

 J. price kids all

J. Price Kids & Company was never intended on being a business; it was set up as a teaching method to show the kids how to be independent and self-sufficient all while trying to sell products so they would be able to purchase their necessary school supplies on their own.

drop 3

   Prior to starting their company and repackaging their items, people were rejecting the kids by saying No!!! to their sales pitches and their attempts to sell their products.  The kids were also being criticized at an alarming rate where people told them that their products looked very cheap and homemade which discouraged them.

soap packaging 2 

There were times when they all wanted to give up and stop making their soaps and other products, however, their mom Jennifer, Who is currently living with MS and LUPUS had encouraged them to continue and push forward.  Jennifer told them to take all the criticism and negativity and use it to their advantage which will allow them to become outstanding and motivated individuals.

 J. price mens gift set drop 2


The products that are being produced range from essential oil fragrances such as, palm oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Goats milk and Shea butter soaps which are all beautifully packaged in beautiful colors, shapes as well as in wrapped Mason jars.

 J. Price new fragrances- mason jars

J. Price Kids & Company are being recognized all across the U.S the U.K as well as in Africa where people are constantly checking in to see what they are up to.  They are being recognized everywhere they go and are even being asked to do speaking engagements and Skype with other kids seeking on becoming entrepreneurs.  Their motto is; it takes Dedication, Education, Understanding and most of all hard work!!!

soap packaging 7

Our goal is to make our dream a reality by creating an enterprise for our future generation; we want our name and product to become a household name.

J. price kids tub of soaps

Our product is designed for almost every skin condition there is,  We take the time  to research the ingredients carefully as well as speak to professionals who are knowledgeable in that field.


Contact Information for J. Price Kids


Phone Number-  708-953-0218






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