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Social Security Administration Forced A Florida Man’s Heirs To Hand Over Their Father’s Only Asset To Repay Benefits He Collected For His Dead Wife He His In A Freezer For Eight Years

If one tries to cheat the government, they will get what they were cheated out of one way or another whether living or dead.  A man in Florida concealed that his wife had died so he continued to collect her Social Security benefits.  Unfortunately the man subsequently passed away and his surviving heirs were forced to repay the SSA by handing over the proceeds for the man’s only asset.

Read more as reported by the New York Times:

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The heirs of a Florida man who hid his wife’s death by placing her body in a freezer for eight years to collect her Social Security benefits have repaid the stolen money, the government said.

Officials discovered the body of Margaret Dunn after her husband, Allan Dunn, died in 2010, the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced Friday. The couple lived in a condominium in Sun City Center until Margaret Dunn died in 2002.

Allan Dunn collected $92,088 in benefits years after his wife’s death. His heirs claimed they were unaware Dunn had concealed her death.

The heirs agreed to hand over Dunn’s only asset, the condominium, and put up it up for sale.

The government received $15,743.14 for Dunn’s illegal collection.


Source: New York Post

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