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Skateboarders Brutally Attack Teenage Girl & Her Boyfriend in Venice Beach

Skateboarders Brutally Attack Teenage Girl & Her Boyfriend in Venice Beach


A teenage girl and her boyfriend were injured after a group of male skateboarders viciously attacked and beat the couple up in Venice Beach, they said on Friday.

Brooklyn Smith, 16, told KTLA that she and Toyon Carlson were walking back to their vehicle around 8:30 p.m. Thursday when two males asked them where they were from.

“Before we could even say anything, it was like ‘Oh, that’s her, that’s her,’” Brooklyn said.

According to the teen, the two males had apparently recognized her from a confrontation last month in which she was told at the time not to come back to the area.

Skateboarders Brutally Attack Teenage Girl & Her Boyfriend in Venice Beach

Suddenly, a group of at least 30 skateboarders “came out of nowhere” and started attacking them, she said. “It was so many.”

The couple was repeatedly punched and kicked by the group. At one point, after her boyfriend was down on the ground, Brooklyn got hit in the back of the head with a skateboard.

Graphic cellphone video posted to Facebook captured part of the beating, including the moment where the skateboard made contact with her head.

In the 54-second video, an unidentified man could be heard saying, “they just cracked her head open” as he urges someone off camera to avoid getting involved in the fight.

The girl can be heard yelling as they continued to beat her after she was hit with the skateboard.

“After that I blacked out a little bit,” Brooklyn said.

As she lay on the ground, the teenage girl felt the back of her head. To her horror, she discovered that both her hands were full of blood.

“I start freaking out, I just start screaming,” she said.

Two people then came to help, a young man and a woman who placed her body over Brooklyn’s and — according to the teen — may have even possibly saved her life.

“If it wasn’t for her, Lord knows what they would be doing to me,” Brooklyn said. “They were hurting her too … because she was screaming.”

When the attack was over, Brooklyn’s wounds included a 4-inch gash to her head that had to be closed with staples.

Toyon, meanwhile, had nine stitches to the back of his head, and upper and lower-lip. He also lost a tooth.

As of Friday night, no arrests had been made in the case.



Source: KTLA

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