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Singer R. Kelly May Face Jail Time After Sued For Back Child Support


R.Kelly is reportedly thousands in arrears for back child support to his ex-wife.

Andrea Kelly, the singers former better half, says kelly has missed the $20,833 per-moth support due.

The singer also fell behind last year for more than $100,000, but brought the payments current.

The singer also faces jail time if he fails to appear at a separate child-custody date on March 27 after missing the first November assignment, A judge said the singer could get 30 days to six months in jail if he fails to appear.

A source told the New York Post that the situation is serious for the embattled singer.

“The judge was clear in November that he wasn’t happy R. Kelly didn’t show up. His lawyer is worried the judge could lock Kelly up if he doesn’t show this time, but he can’t reach his client,” a source told the paper.

Source: AllHipHop.Com

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