Singer Ginuwine And Wife Sole Divorces After 12 Years Of Marriage

Ginuwine & Sole

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Solé is finally hopping off her “Pony.”

The rapper turned vegan yoga instructor quietly filed for divorce from Ginuwine, some 12 years after marrying the singer and bearing his two children, BOSSIP can reveal.

Rumors have swirled for years that the artists’ marriage was on the rocks, but neither had moved towards splitting up for good—until now. Solé, real name Tonya Lumpkin, said in the court papers that she and the “Pony” singer have been living apart since 2013.

But it seems like the split was civil: as part of the filing, Solé, 41, submitted a contract she and Ginuwine signed almost six months before her divorce petition that hashed out alimony, their properties and child support.

Under the Lumpkins’ “Voluntary Separation and Property Settlement Agreement,” Ginuwine apparently agreed to pay Solé a $150,000 lump sum in exchange for her signing over her rights to their $1 million marital home in suburban Maryland, which sits on four acres. He also agreed to pay his soon to be ex $3,000 a month in child support for the couple’s two kids, Story, 14, and Dream, 12. Neither asked for alimony.

Ginuwine, 44, told BOSSIP that regardless of their impending divorce, he and Solé were still a team.
“I really don’t want to go into it, but we’re good,” Ginuwine told BOSSIP. “We’re friends and we’re good, we’re going to raise our kids separately, and we’re good.”

Ginuwine’s signature appears on the November 2014 separation contract, which also says Solé will get one of their three homes in Kansas City, Mo., while Ginuwine will get the other two. Ginuwine agreed to hand over his 25 percent stake in the Missouri-based Spruce LLC, which teaches life skills to the developmentally disabled.

Solé’s filing doesn’t say what triggered her marriage breakdown, but it does say they both have the right to blab about what went wrong in the future.

“Differences have arisen between the parties and they are now and have been separated since October 1, 2013, living separate and apart from one another…with the purpose and intent of ending their marriage,” the court papers say.

Ginuwine has not yet responded to Solé’s filing. A phone number listed in Solé’s name was off Wednesday.

The estranged pair were married in 2003 in the Cayman Islands. They are scheduled to appear in family court next month.

Source: Bossip

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