Did The Simpsons Cartoon Predict Prince’s Illuminati Sacrifice In 2008? [ Video]

Did The Simpsons Cartoon Predict Prince's Illuinati Sacrifice In 2008? [ Video]


In this video The Viilant Christian Shows yet another classic example of the Illuminati predictive programming in a Simpsons episode. This time in a 2008 episode Prince is murdered by Homer because Homer was hired by Industry execs to kill him because “unfortunately there are some stars that won’t do as they want” !!!!! This is what they said happened in the Illuminati Prince Blood Sacrifice video! 

In the second video The Vigilant Christian Mario shares his theory on why the Illuminati murdered Prince. He had been in a fight with his record company for almost two decades. Could he have upset the wrong people?  He just settled an 18 year dispute with Warner Records.

Based on another video, Katt Williams was mentioned!!!!  Watch your back Katt.


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1 Comment

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