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Shocking Mistake In Darren Wilson Grand Jury – Law Imposed With Jury Was Viewed Unconstitutional Since 1985 [ Video]

Shocking Mistake In Darren Wilson Grand Jury [ Video]


In the Rewrite, Lawrence looks at a major correction the assistant prosecutors had to make to the grand jury in the Michael Brown case.

Assistant district Cathy Alizadeh lowered the standard in which Darren Wilson could be judged. She handed the Grand Jury a copy of a 1979 Missouri law that was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S.A Supreme Court in 1985. She handed them something that was not deemed lawful in her entire career. The document stated an officer can shoot at a suspect as he/ she is fleeing.


grand jury

By handing the Grand Jury that document, she essentially told the jury that Officer Darren Wilson had the legal right to shoot & kill Michael Brown the minute he started running.

In the aftermath of the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, many legal analysts and commentators have pointed out just how badly the grand jury was stacked in Wilson’s favor.

Rather than attempt to establish probable cause to indict and try Wilson, the prosecutor conducted what amounts to a secret trial, only worse.

Check out the video; was this a simple mistake or was this intentional???  Judge for yourselves.




Video Source: MSNBC

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