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Sheryl Underwood Said She Understands Why She Was Called Uncle Tom After Her Natural Hair Comments

Sheryl Underwood Said She Understands Why She Was Called Uncle Tom After Her Natural Hair Comments

Comedian and co-host of the talk show “The TalkSheryl Underwood has taken the time to reflect on a very disturbing comment she made in 2013  regarding African-American hair where she suggested that black hair was no good.

During a live filming, she stated that she couldn’t comprehend why Heidi Klum  saved her biracial children’s hair indicating that kinky hair was not good enough to be saved and should be thrown away.

“Why would you save Afro hair? You can’t weave in Afro hair!” she exclaimed.  At that moment the internet exploded with all sorts of negative comments calling her everything under the sun.

While donning a short natural afro on this past Monday’s show and rocking it very well, Sheryl apologized for her previous comments where she made black women feel horrible about their natural hair.

Sheryl said, “

I made some statements that were not only wrong, but they hurt our community; black people are very sensitive about a discussion about our hair,”

Sheryl felt bad because she is a proud black woman and she never intended to hurt anyone with her comment.

“The way the joke came out offended my people and my community, which was not my intent,” she stated.

She continued to talk about the angry backlash she got  from black people regarding her negative comment.  She was called an Uncle Tom, Coon and accused of self-hate as well as being called some other unmentionable names.

Sheryl stressed that she knows how insensitive her comments were and how it fed into the stereotype of “Good hair vs Bad hair.

“There is a responsiblity to being on TV. There’s a cultural responsibility. The way we got images out there—there’s no need for me to do something that causes more damage to us,” she stated.

 Sheryl took some time to do some self-evaluation and to reflect on herself. She cut the perm from her coif and went completely natural.  She said she loves versatility so she will from time to time where different wigs.  She has reached out to natural hair bloggers and will continue her Journey of healing the hearts she broke.

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