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With all the negative stuff going on I though it would be cool to just post some of my favorite things, like commercials that crack me up every time I see them, comedians that make my stomach hurt from laughing so hard…you get the picture:

First is the latest Kmart commercial, I remember playing the dozens as a youngin’ and this one just makes me burst out with laughter at the end:


Second is a segment from one of my favorite cartoons Tom and Jerry, when Jerry received a visit from his Uncle Pecos…totally classic:



Third is a clip of one of my favorite comedians Gary Owens.  He talks about when his children were baptized….too funny!!! Check it out:





Lastly on my list of favorites is School House Rock, I ain’t ashamed to admit that I got some of my teachings from this amazing program…check it out you might learn a thang or two as well….LOL:


Thank you for going on this journey in the “WayBack” Machine with me.  I hope you all laughed and smiled as much as I did.  Sometimes we have to look at things differently and try to find the good in whatever comes our way, even through adversity.

Earhustle411 and the writing staff appreciates each and every one of you who helped take us over  3 Million page views in the short 9 months we’ve existed……YES YOU READ RIGHT!!!

Thank You

We could NOT exist WITHOUT YOU!!!

Peace and Blessings to all of our readers!!

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