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Shame On The Mayor Of Lewiston, Maine Pushing For A Bill To Publish The Names Of Welfare Recipients

What the heck kinda mess is this right here???  What city official thinks that publishing the names of welfare recipients is s good idea.  Talk about ignorant and “ballsie”.   EarHustle411 cannot and dare not acknowledge this kind of political shenanigans.  People that agree with this mess all need to live on the same planet on the farthest side of the moon.

Theres always going to be those who have less than the next and publishing their names and trying to put them to shame is not going to prevent any city from having a class of poor, homeless and what have you.

Every American citizen knows that & maybe Robert Macdonald the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine missed the boat in that!!

Read more as reported by Fox News:


A Maine mayor is proposing a controversial name-and-shame strategy for welfare recipients.

Robert Macdonald, mayor of Lewiston, Maine, said he plans to push a bill requiring the state to publish the names, addresses and other details of “every individual on the dole.”

“Our liberal, progressive legislators and their social-service allies have made them a victimized, protected class,” Macdonald wrote in an op-ed.

Macdonald explained to Tucker Carlson on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that he believes people in Maine have a right to know which of their neighbors they are supporting.

“This is born out of frustration,” Macdonald said. “For three-and-a-half years, I’ve been putting all kinds of welfare laws, I’ve been submitting them, and the legislature is just tanking them.”

“I’m overwhelmingly elected by the people up there. And this is what they’ve elected me for. And this is what I’m going to do as long as I’m there, is try to get some welfare reform.”

Source: Fox News

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