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negro question part 3 final
Hello everybody this is the Scribe and I know it has been a long time since you heard from me but I have been busy working on a few paying projects. I have had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Lee Cummings, the author of the Negro Question Who am I, The Negro Question part 2 The African slave ships that came from Judah and his newly released book; The Negro Question Part 3 The Black Pentecost! 
The Negro Question Part 3 provides valuable information and images on the nations that showed up on the day of Pentecost, the writer gives detailed images from some of  the worlds’ most respected Museums; Moscow, Pergamon, Galatia, Syria, Britain, Louvre museum France and the museum in Tunis Bardo. The book has images of Abraham , Moses, Samuel the Prophet, King David and Miriam of your bible. These images are at least 2300 years old and depict these bible characters as black men with Afros and beards!
These are the facts as they are emerging from the ground ladies and gentlemen, some of these images haven’t been seen in two thousand years.In case you are out there and you are interested in the origins of the European section there is a chapter that tracks the footsteps of the white race and you will be surprised to know that they did not have their origins in Europe but instead they came from central Asia….fact. There is a spreadsheet that details the correct Exodus date that the children of Israel came out of Egypt and a new creation date according to your Bible.
The Negro question Part 2, The African Slave ships that came from Judah is one of the hottest selling books on Amazon….fact and the Negro question who am I is a close second. If you are out there and you have read his first two books then you already know that this is the next episode. I would like to weigh in on the madness that has been going on in the United States with concerning the slaying of our black youth
                                          TERRORISM IN THE UNITED STATES COLONIES
      In order to maintain a colony (42 million Negros spread over fifty states) you must brutalize or terrorize the colony with a gruesome act from time to time to keep the rest of the colonists (blacks) in line. Now the Negro in America doesn’t see himself as a colonized people but he is and why is that?
Because you were brought here from another part of the world and you are not indigenous to the Americas, you have been colonized by force….no matter if you came on your own free will or by force you are still a colony. Look at what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinian colony, every two to three years they go in and kill a couple of thousand of the people and leave…..these are the tactics that the colonists use to instill fear in the colony.
This is happening all over the world the Chinese are doing the same thing to the Tibetan  priests in the Himalayas. During the slave trade this is what the slave master and his overseer would do, they would whip, amputate, quarter (stretch a slave out tied to two horses and have the horses go in opposite directions, ripping the man apart) or in the case of rebels slay them and cut their heads off.
They then would place the heads on poles for the other slaves to see, this was an act of terrorism and this is what the police departments in the United States are doing to the so called Negro. What is the best way to instill fear and dread in a colony?
     King Leopold the Belgium butcher was responsible for the death and mutilation of 10 million Congolese in the 1800’s, these are facts ladies and gentlemen. This is what the European colonists learned from the years that they were colonizing West African and stealing the precious humans and minerals…they learned the art of terrorism.
Look at the images below this was King Leopold’s policy in he Congo and this is what the Police departments in the United States teach!  Leopold knew by cutting off  the limbs of the black s in the Congo, that  he was instilling fear and  psychological damage to the people. This was an act of mental and physical terrorism!
     The purpose of these images is to show you that the tactics used yesterday are the same exact tactics being used against blacks today…the only difference is that the tools of torture are more sophisticated! The tasering (legal electrocution) of black men, women and children is a terrorist act, the choking of a black man in NewYork City for selling cigarettes (LYNCHING BY CHOKE HOLD), was a terrorist act,  THE POLICE OFFICERS WHO SODOMIZED THE BLACK IMMIGRANT IN HAITI, all of these acts are acts of terrorism….plain and simple! These acts are designed to instill fear, a lingering fear mostly psychologically,  in the black colony here in the United States.
     During the importation of blacks into the slave colonies the whites found themselves outnumbered sometimes five, seven or ten to one. It is interesting that in the urban cities where blacks have large numbers the blacks outnumber the police by one million to one!
          Chicago- black population 4 million; Total police = 15,000
                Los Angeles- black population 4 million; Total police -12,500
                                           New York- black population 8 million; Total police -34,000
THESE NUMBERS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME NATIONWIDE THE BLACKS IN THE URBAN CITIES OUTNUMBER THE WHITE MILITIA (POLICE DEPARTMENTS) BY ONE MILLION TO ONE. So then what is the problem? The Negros have been so psychologically damaged by the terrorist acts in their respective urban cities that they don’t realize, that by sheer numbers, they can overwhelm any police department in the United States.  
 You simply slay the seed carrier of that nation….the males. The United Nation Charter has defined this as Genocide; the slaying of the males of a particular ethnic group thus depriving that ethnic group of its males. The United Nations on November 28 2014 criticized the United States for its police brutality against its citizens following the murder of the black Ferguson youth but it will amount to nothing…why?
Because the United Nations is a United States invention created by President Roosevelt and former British prime minister Churchill. History has shown us that all whites are not evil, mean and racist, the Negro has enjoyed the friendship of some very influential whites throughout the 6000 year history of man but we are not dealing with our white friends.
We are not dealing with the whites that believe in Christ, we are dealing with the devils of the White race. All races have wicked men and women in them including the black race but at this hour we are dealing with the wicked whites who enroll in police academy’s just to kill black men…..this is sick! These are wicked men and women who walk about in darkness and the only thing that they have on their mind is the destruction of anybody that doesn’t look like them! To the white friends of the Negro I respectfully thank you for all the kindness that you have shown to blacks throughout the years…thank you.
Martin Luther King said in a speech one day that, ” the arch of the Universe swings high but it bends low.” God has reserved the wicked man for the avenger of blood, the angel of the Lord, the wicked will never escaped the hand of God.  I apologize for not writing to you and I promise that starting today I will write a piece to you guys at least 2-3 times a month….got to work that paying job guys…love the SCRIBE! Remember to check out the Negro Question Part 3 The Black Pentecost. The SCRIBE recommends this book!
New Release:  |The Negro Question Part III| The Black Pentecost 
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The Scribe- Police Officers Terrorizes African American Citizens
Source:  The Scribe
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