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The Scribe: “The Taye Diggs and the Black Woman Conflict”



I was very amused at the response that the alleged Taye Diggs comment elicited over the internet the other day. What is wrong with a having a strong opionated black woman? Why is it a crime to have a point of view? What is the problem? It’s not a crime for men of different races to gawk at her physical presentation or to fantasize about making love to her.  Why can’t a black woman be intelligent and express herself as such? I want to make this clear that this piece is not directed to Taye Diggs but it is designed in such a way so you the reader can get a better appreciation of the role the black woman has played throughout history.



The black woman has never received her just due for the role she played in keeping the black mans’ mind straight during slavery. You see they didn’t have crisis counselors for the black man nor was the church available to help him. It was the love that the black woman gave him every time he came from the field that kept him from committing suicide. Her love was the ship that caused him to sail over his condition in life. It was her love that caused him not to faint even though his eyes told him that all was lost. Who can know the love of a black woman….who? She is as fearless as the lioness in the African Serengeti.  If she loves you…..I mean really loves you, she will ride or die with you….this is her love….. 


 Photo by Jacob Holdt


There are two types of men on this planet, a male and a man, and we will take a close look at both of them.  


A male is a man who carries the necessary organs for reproduction. This male is not a leader (nothing wrong with that) and he usually follows in the vapors of his strong black woman. The strong black woman makes this black male look good, she is the behind the scenes architect of his success. All of his ideas were actually hers and she has never asked for any credit. Since she is secure in her womanhood she is okay with her black male taking the spotlight because she is more interested in her black male becoming a black man. This is her wisdom and this is also her crown! She is the virtuous woman that Solomon wrote about in the book of Proverbs. She is content to be the Queen and is not interested in being the King. The male is afraid of her because he can’t compete with her mentally, sexually, spiritually, economically or educationally.



                                                                        THE MAN


 A true man is a leader and he will lead by example. His leadership is non oppressive, brutal and it won’t be with an iron fist. He leads by example, he rises everyday seeking revenue for his family be it a job or be it running a business. He understands that in order for his son to be a good man in the future he must have a good role model in the present. A man will not have a problem with a strong black woman because wisdom has taught him that she truly enhances him. Even though he is a leader he will tend to get input from his woman just to make sure his decision making is sound. A man understands that his job is to pay bills……..YES PAY BILLS! This is the simplicity of being a man; there is nothing hard about this. A man is not afraid of a strong black woman because he can compete with her mentally, sexually, economically, educationally and spiritually. This is a man!





 As I look back on the circumstances concerning this black woman and the black man I have come to realize that she was designed especially for the black man. If you are a black man and you have it in your mind that you don’t need her, you are sadly mistaken. There is no other woman on earth who understands your struggle…….name one. The black woman has lived the same hell that you have, she has lived in gang infested neighborhoods just like you, she has had hungry days just like you, and she has to deal with the murderer, thief, robber and pedophile just like you. She works in a corporate sector where she has to walk softly, just like you.




She was chained to the bottom of the slave ships with you during the North Atlantic Slave Trade

She was there on the slave plantation

She was there when the Emancipation was signed

She was there in Selma Alabama marching with Martin L King

She was there in the black Ghettos

She was there when the first black President was elected

The black woman has been with the black man thru the low points of the last 394 years; shouldn’t she be there with him now that he has arrived economically? The black man has risen to become sport stars, singers, musicians, actors and even the President of the United States. Shouldn’t she be allowed to wear the crown since she walked with him thru 394 years of shame? What other woman on earth deserves to take her place after all of the work she has put in? None!!!!…..since the black woman walked with the black man during his shame she has earned the right to be there in his glory.  Pick up your crown black woman….you earned it! it’s is your time to SHINE!!!!



      As usual I have come to the end of my scribal…….the SCRIBE!

Don’t forget to go on Amazon and buy the Negro  Question and the Negro Question Part 2, The Slave Ships that Came From Judah…..You won’t regret it….these two books are the rave right now….the authors name is Lee Cummings

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