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                                                                                  THE REAL STORY
      I want all of you to consider the worldwide recession that the world is experiencing right now and to ask yourself why has all of this befallen the world. There was a time when the Europeans were living high on the hog so to speak but something happened. What do you suppose it was? Lets take a walk backwards in time to examine the circumstances that brought the Europeans to their economic knees in this present generation.
                                                   THE EXPLOITATION OF THE NEGRO 
     Could you imagine what your life would be like today if you could have free labor for (1619-1865) two hundred and forty-six years? This was the life that the Portuguese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Germans, Swedes, British and the Americans were living! What is that saying that black people like to use? The Europeans were living in the lap of luxury….literally. The Negro was forced to work sixteen hour days without any wages while the European captor hauled in the profits. Lets us examine this period on history’s timeline from the perspective of a field researcher.
                                                           WHEN COTTON WAS KING! 
       By the year 1860 seventy-five percent (almost the entire planet)  of the world was being clothed with the cotton that the Negro produced on the slave plantations in the American south. What do you suppose the dollar value of this Negro produced cotton amounted to? Try this number on for size, by 1860 the South was grossing around $200 million dollars per year off free cotton labor! You must remember that at this time all paper money (Fiat money) was being backed by Gold and Silver. Back then if you had a gold certificate ,the Treasury or the Federal reserve had to exchange your paper gold certificate with gold and if you had a silver certificate you could demand silver. The paper money in this generation is worthless  because former President Richard Nixon did away with the gold standard in 1971. What does that mean? It means you can’t redeem your paper money for gold or silver its useless! If the bank robber knew this he wouldn’t risk his life robbing a bank, the prostitute wouldn’t sell her body, the gangster wouldn’t risk his freedom but this is the knowledge that the system hides from us. Cotton was King in the United States as well , by the year 1860 sixty percent of Americas exports was….cotton. If you don’t believe me I have placed below you an image of Negro captives on $50 confederate money.
     If I had the time (Which I do) I would have to go back and calculate profits from, rice, tobacco, indigo, manufacturing and other products that the Negro captive produced for sale, to get a handle on how much money he generated for America alone. The wealth would be so vast that the B.I.S wouldn’t be able to store it all, what is the B.I.S? It’s the bank of international settlements, this is where all the money gathered by all of the central banks worldwide ends up. This is the wealth generated in North America….not the Americas’ (Central and South America) or the Caribbean.
    The members of the Berlin Conference, League of Nations and the United Nations exported vast amounts of mineral wealth and humanity(Negro captive) from West Africa from the year 1450 to this present date and  the dollar amount is staggering. You might say that this statement is not true, you say that the league of nations and the United Nations was not in existence but I say open your eyes The members of the Berlin Conference, League of Nations and the United Nations were indeed the Modern European nations. The United Nations is the new name of the Berlin Conference and the League of Nations, this is a fact! France, Britain, America, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Dutch and the Swedes. All these Nations were former members of the  Berlin Conference, League of Nations and are current members of the United Nations. Can you say domino effect, because that is what you are witnessing today? Did you know that black membership in the United Nations is a recent phenomenon? The African nations never members at the Berlin Conference, African nations were never  members of the League of Nations and the African nations weren’t allowed membership tot the United Nations until the year 1960! It appears that the continent of Africa has only been viewed as a member of the human family for fifty years (2013-1960=53). Now if you factor the humans that were exported with the mineral wealth from 1450 to about 1960, you will get five hundred years of unimaginable wealth that the Europeans never had to pay for. These were the good old days…depends on what side of the river you are looking from.
                                                COLONIALISM AND THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 
     At the same time the Europeans were colonizing West Africa the Europeans experienced what history has come to call the Industrial Revolution. Now this so-called Industrial revolution could not have come about without the Minerals, humans and raw materials that were being exported freely from West Africa. After the invention of the television set the Negros in West Africa expelled the United Nation members from off its lands! This is a helluva statement but it was indeed the United Nation members who were the exploiters of Africa… prior to black membership and after black membership, this is a .fact not fiction!
                                                    THE GREAT DEPRESSION 
     The Emancipation Proclamation to free the captive Negro was issued in the year 1865 by the Lincoln administration, this ended the open exploitation of the Negro. Sixty Five years after the Negro captive was freed(1929) America slipped into a great depression. Why do you suppose that Americas’ economic juggernaut collapsed within 65 years of freeing the Negro captive? Because they had to pay the Negro captive wages for his labor , history says he was underpaid but nevertheless he was paid. Unwittingly the freed Negro captive was indirectly responsible for the great depression……now don’t that beat all!
                                                            WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION 2013
     What is the real reason behind this world-wide depression ( Recession)? Lets examine the facts as they are presented on the ground, N.A.T.O was expelled from West Africa so the free exploitation of humans and minerals had come to an end. Once Colonization had met its untimely demise the Europeans were deprived of its golden goose. With the end of free goods and services the European economy came to a grinding halt, this is basic math 0-0=0, I can’t make this any plainer. The European economy was built up on colonial exploitation of humans and minerals. Once Colonialism ended the economic free ride came to an end.
                                                                    THE FOX AND THE CHICKEN COOP
     Now  the fox (United Nations members) has been expelled from  the shores of West Africa and he is pissed because the golden goose (Africa) refuses to lay eggs (mineral wealth) for free. The Europeans came up with a great plan and that plan was to recolonize Africa without using the force of arms. They would simply re-enslave the African  people with paper money. You see the Chinese invented the paper money game in China around the year 806 a.d and they already knew from experience that unless the paper note was backed up by gold or silver it had no value and was useless.
                                                            IMAGE OF A CHINESE NOTE Chinese "twenty cents"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                banknote issued in 1928 by The Industrial Development<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                Bank of China showing walled city of Ningpo
     So what do the Europeans do? They go into Africa and buy up the land and wealth of Africa with play money (dollars). Then the international monetary fund (I.M.F) and the world bank got into the game. The I.M.F and the World bank loaned this money with no value to the developing nations of Africa with interest. how can you gain interest on paper money that has no value? It is impossible, the paper only has value if it is backed up by gold or silver which means it is impossible. Do your own research on Richard Nixon suspends Gold Standard. So now the Africans find themselves recolonized via loans and are forced to elect and depose of their leaders at the whim of the I.M.F and the World bank if they want to continue getting this fake money. See the Constitutions definition of real money; money is Gold or Silver.
                                                                          FREE MARKET
     The Europeans weren’t satisfied with simply colonizing the Africans thru the play money loans, they decided that why not buy up the infrastructure of Africa using Free Market and trade as a disguise. And so it came to pass that the African leaders sold off the banks, electric, buildings and its people. Who do you think pays back the interest and principal on loans in a country? When you go to the I.M.F and World Bank to secure a loan on a national level they ask you what do you have as collateral and you say my people and they say…you got a deal. The interest and principal on loans are paid by the people of the nation receiving the loan. To be honest with you the entire world is being enslaved by the international bankers thru this concept of interest and taxation, they aren’t interested in the color of your skin. We finally have an issue that is neither black nor white, for once all the people of the world are in the same boat. We are all slaves to interest and taxation!
                                                             NELSON MANDELA AND SOUTH AFRICA
     So what are we to make of this great love fest that the United Nations members are making toward Nelson Mandellas’  death? I suspect they are grateful to Nelson because he never exposed the N.A.T.O members for what they were truly doing in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a world leader who was allowed to sit at the den of thieves in the U.N chambers, so he had to know what was going on. The land and the people of  South Africa belong to the International bankers through the loans and Free Market…..plain and simple. The news media in the United States and abroad is deliberately distorting the truth by saying that Nelson Mandela freed the black population of South African. It is a lie, all of Africa is under bondage to the I.M.F and the World Bank! Mandela may have freed the people from the violence perpetuated on his people and the disparity in wages but because of the loans his nation received from the I.M.F and the World Bank his people remain in bondage. We here in the United States are in bondage to the Federal Reserve because every time the Government asks them to print money the debt is passed on to the American people. That’s why we pay so much in taxes and if you don’t believe me ask somebody who has wisdom in this matter. I don’t fault Mandela for not going public with the knowledge that he had, do you see anybody else stepping up to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? There are 193 nations at the U.N and none of these world leaders have the guts to speak a word against the banks.
                                             FOUR AMERICAN PRESIDENTS THAT FOUGHT THE BANKS
     Few people are aware of this but Abraham Lincoln fought the banks tooth and nail because he was aware that the banks were trying to take over the U.S economy. Rumor has it that he was assassinated by the Banksters.
     Andrew Jackson shut the central bank down and there was an assassination attempt on his life. He had it written on his tombstone that he fought the banks and won.
     William McKinley also had this testimony that he fought to keep the central bank from taking over the American economy, he too was assassinated.
     John F. Kennedy issued executive order 1110 giving power back to congress to print its own currency and before the government could print its firs note he was assassinated. Can all of these assassination of U.S Presidents who fought against the banks be a mere  coincidence? My job is not to steer you mentally but to give you enough information so that you can begin to do your own research for the truth. Jesus told Pontius Pilate that he came to bear witness to the truth and Pilate responded, ” what is truth? Every man, woman and child was born into a system depending on which nation they were born into.  You have simply accepted everything as truth without researching it. We are all guilty.
     Something strange happened to  Gaddafi the now deceased Libyan strongman, one day he had an epiphany, he convened a meeting with the African Union and told them that they didn’t need any loans from the I.M.F or the World Bank. He told them that they could set up their own central banks and that he would use the gold reserves of Libya (5th largest in the world) to back up the notes.  Have you noticed that the press has never mentioned what happened to the gold reserves after N.A.T.O invaded Libya? The fifty-three members of the African Union agreed in principle to this idea but N.A.T.O got wind of the scheme. You see Gaddafi was making a play on the European purse and that was the 1 billion people of Africa. In principle Gaddafi would have freed the entire continent from reliance on European loans and the International bankers, this is true liberation. True liberation of a country is when the people of that nation are not held hostage by the banks!  By printing their own money the Africans could find a cure for Aids, build up its infrastructure, start a space program, build nuclear weapons and rid itself of its reliance on the West. So when Gaddafi was murdered what did you really see?  What you saw was an international hit on a world leader, under the disguise that he had weapons of mass destruction. Let me set you straight the U.N charter states that it is an international crime to assassinate world leaders and secondly, it is an international crime for the any nation to interfere in the civil affairs of another. N.A.T.O and her allies have violated international law at their own discretion. The hit on Gaddafi was to make sure that Gaddafi didn’t wake the continent up, in order for the illusion of freedom to be maintained Gaddafi had to be put to sleep himself.  Jesus made a comment in the New Testament one day, he told the Jews that he had come to set them free. The Jews responded that they had been born free and Jesus responded,” that  you shall know the and the truth shall set you free”.  Now you are free today because of the truth that I have shared with you. I know why Mandela didn’t open the eyes of his country men, he probably was trying to avoid a civil war like the one you saw in Libya and Syria. He had to have known the danger he would have placed himself and his family in if her were to stand up to the bank. This is why I labeled this piece the real Mandela story because the real players were never mentioned.  We offer our condolences to the Mandela house, may he rest in peace! As usual the SCRIBE has come to the end of his scribbal, I hope that you got something out of this.  
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