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The Scribe: “The Death of a Rapper”




So we wake up to the internet to find that another young man has died a senseless death, shot down in his prime probably by someone with the IQ of an ostrich. The information surrounding the death of the African-American rapper, Doe B, has yet to be released but lets examine some interesting statistics surrounding his death.



One of the things that I have noticed is the way which the United States media reports the death of African-Americans in the United States. You will see a C.N.N report on the number of blacks murdered in Chicago, or Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego , Oakland, Long Beach, Minnesota and so on. Now the News media will report a cities homicide total for that particular year but they will never report the F.B.I nationwide statistics on an ethnic group that is being murdered. This is done purposely, case in point, see statistics below.

The Year 2010

magnolia shorty sunglasses



In the year 2010 there were 14,748 murders in the United States and of that number 50% (7374) were African-Americans. Half of that 7374 (3687) were black males! Magnolia Shorty the rapper was also killed in 2010! Let me ask you a question, if the SCRIBE has access to this information don’t you think C.N.N, Fox news, M.S.B.N news and the other outlets have access this information? Of course they do!







In the year 2011 there were 14,612 murders in the United States and of that number 50% were African-Americans. Half Of that 50% is composed of black males! M Bone the rapper from Inglewood California was murdered in a drive by in the year 2011.




 Chicago Rapper JoJo Releases Beef Video, Gets Killed, Twitter Reacts



In the year 2012 there were 14,827 murders in the United States and of that number 50% were African-Americans. Half of that 50% is compromised of black males! Lil Jojo a rapper from Chicago was gunned down in 2012 while riding a bike.



FROM 1976 TO 2011


Try this statistic out for size, from the year 1976 to 2011; 279,384 African-Americans have been murdered in the United States of America! The total number of all black Americans killed in all U.S. wars since 1980 totals 18,515.





There are currently 61 nations that have less than 279,000 citizens in their respective countries, this means that over the past 35 years the African-American community has lost enough people to have started their own nation! Example in French Polynesia there are 268,270 citizens, Vanuatu 264,652, Newcaledonia 258,958, French Guinea 279,040, Samoa 187,820 and Saotome 187,356. If I took the total from above of 279,384 and divided it by 50% it would give you a rough estimate of how many black males were murdered over this 35 year period and the total black male deaths would be 139,000 black males. There are 50 nations on earth with less than 139,000 citizens in their respective countries which means the 139,000 black males could have formed a nation . There are 550,000 abortions in the African-American community every year in these United States, add this total to the 279,040 and you can plainly see that a nation is being buried in the grave!







You might find this hard to believe but there is a little known passage of scripture in the book of Exodus (Exodus 1: 15-22) that gives one a clue to what is going on. The book of Exodus states that Pharaoh told the midwives that if the Hebrew women have a male child throw it into the Nile river to be eaten by the Nile Crocodiles. He further told them that if it be a daughter that you are to keep it alive! This was because Pharaoh was going to use the Hebrew women as concubines for his male subjects. His intentions were to integrate the Hebrews into Egyptian society through childbirth, using the sperm of the Egyptian males. He would eventually phase out the Hebrew D.N.A .This same edict is what you are seeing in the murder statistics in the United States. The African-American males are being murdered but the African-American females are being allowed to live! Now who would benefit from the death of the black male and the life of the black female?








What further proof do I have? Have you ever heard of the argument between George Washington Carver and W.E.B Dubous concerning the assimilation of the Negro in America? The question was what would be the best avenue to integrate the Negro into the white society without causing a race war? George Washington Carver advocated segregation and farming, while W.E.B. Dubois advocated integration through marriage.the same ideology of the ancient Egyptians. What would Dubois position produce? It would produce the new American, this new European American would be black on the outside but inwardly his D.N.A marker would be that of a European. What is this paramount to? A great magic trick, now you see me but now you don’t!






This is the trillion-dollar question, whose seed (sperm) would be used to create this new American? If you said the Anglo Saxon’s, Jute or the Celt (white man) you would be correct. If you have been paying close attention to Hollywood lately the conscious shift has already begun. If you are really watching, you can see that suddenly what was once considered taboo in America has become the norm. White men are regularly being depicted as being married to black women, in bed with black women, having children with black women. The black man and his seed (children) are being phased out of the consciousness of the American people right before our eyes.




This is the thought that came to the SCRIBE’S mind while I was writing this piece, what if this is a test run? What if this had global implications? What if this is the Ideology of the New World Order? Somebody on the other side of this computer is thinking that the children produced from a white male and black woman would still be black? The answer to your thought is found in the book of Genesis (Genesis 1:11,12,21,24 & 25) God said”, every seed after its own kind”, a European male’s child would be European regardless of what woman he mated with. A African-American male’s child would be African-American no matter what woman he mated with, this is what God meant when he said”, every seed after its own kind”. Is this best for the Nation that an ethnic group (the so-called Negro) should be driven to extinction by way of homicide and child-birth? The SCRIBE says no, we go to great lengths in this country to make sure animals in other parts of the world don’t become extinct, I think it’s time we look in our back yard. This piece has given me great sorrow, I find no joy in the death of the young, no matter what color they are. The SCRIBE will release your minds now and go back to his version of the world……I cannot tell you what that is because then you would know my secret!!!!!! Don’t you love a great mystery? Love everybody….remember to support this young writer Lee Cummings..I am pushing this guy and you know if I am pushing the man’s work his books have got to be good!



If you want to know what is going to happen in the future via Bible prophecy, you might want to purchase this book, 2012 to Eternity.



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