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Scotland Student Dies After Free-Standing Wall Collapses On Her

Keane Wallis-Bennett

A 12-year-old student in Edinburgh, Scotland was fatally injured Tuesday after a “free-standing wall” collapsed on her at school

Keane Wallis-Bennett was changing for gym class at Liberton High School when the wall, which was meant to be a partition in the changing rooms, fell on top of her, the BBC reports.

“There was a wall that’s been wobbly for months,” 13-year-old Devon Blyth, said, according to the Daily Record. “I had told my old PE teacher before he left and he said it should be fine – and then this has happened.”

A full survey of the building will be completed before students are allowed back inside.

Scotland police released a statement in the name of Wallis-Bennett’s friends and family. Via The Herald Scotland:

Keane will be sadly missed by all her family and friends. She was our princess who dreamed of being Prime Minister. But failing that, a beautician.

She loved her girlfriends and her days out shopping with lunches and all things girly. She recently attended her first under-18s disco and loved every second of it and was excited to be going to see One Direction in concert.

Source: Huffington Post


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