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The Scibe: Real Black History, not Watered Down

     I used to look forward to black history month because in the infancy of my mind I thought that finally the story of the so-called negro in Americas and the Caribbean would finally be told. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that black history month is the month that the establishment gets to reinforce the brainwashing of 42 million Negros about their past. It appears the propaganda sets in motion the wheel that says blacks were slave and that is simply not the truth. I will deal with this subject as best I can with the limited stage that I possess, I want to examine the lies about Black History month.
                        WHO WAS THE NEGRO BEFORE HE CAME
              TO THE UNITED STATES?
     This is something that every black father and mother should be able to tell their black sons and daughters, who they are and what did they accomplish before coming in chains to the United States as prisoners of war and captives, not slaves!. In order to get a grasp on this subject one must travel backwards in time to ancient Sumer which was originally located by the Tigris and Euphrates river, modern-day Iraq and Iran. The first man to record that he ruled the entire world was a black man from Sumer (spelled Shinar in the 11th chapter of Genesis) in his writings he declared that he ruled over the black headed people. The archaeologists of this generation have found cuneiform tablets that not only mention this Sargon the great but have found an image of the first black ruler on earth …none found for Adam unless they are hiding that also



     You would do well to note that I stated that this is the first civilization not Egypt, the civilization of Egypt comes on the scene at a later date and the historians know this but for some inexplicable reason they continue to promote the Egypt lie. A side bar to this story is that this Sargon came from Mesopotamia just like your Abraham of the bible, in fact Abraham came from Ur which was an ancient city-state of Sumer! What exactly did these black Sumerians contribute to the civilization of man? Try this on for size, the black Sumerians are credited with the invention of writing, the invention of the wheel, they invented math, they spoke the first known language, performed the first operations, they had a school system, agriculture and the list goes on. The Linguists (guys that study languages) have concluded that they don’t know who these people are nor where did they come from…….maybe there is something to this Adam and Eve story after all!
     When the European historians look at the Egyptian civilization they focus on the Pyramids and say this must have been a great people….look at the Pyramids, look at the gold and precious stones that we are taking off their dead corpses but they tried to cover up the fact that the Pharaohs of Egypt were black men. In fact, it is simply ridiculous that black people should even have to enter into discussion with the Ottomon Turk Arabs (white people in the middle east, posing as Arabs) that are in Egypt about the blackness of the ancient Egyptians. Lets examine an image of King Tut and you will see that this guy was so black he could have been called blue……that’s a nickname from the streets for a really black individual.
     At the height of the slave trade the whites were keen to say that the Negros were devoid of the sciences and that they could never have created any form of civilization. They created a science called archaeology to go around the world to dig up evidence to support this grandiose idea. To their dismay every time they pulled an artifact, mummy or skeleton out of the ground, it was the remains of a black man…this pheonomon was to be repeated worldwide.
     Funny thing happened when Napoleon invaded Africa, he was dismayed to find that the ancient civilization of Egypt was built by black people. Napoleon was so dismayed that he had the nose of the Sphinx blown off to try to conceal the black nature of the statue!
                                                       BLACK HANNIBAL AND HIS WAR ELEPHANTS
    Once upon a time….a long time ago there lived a black Carthaginian who was at war with the mightiest army that the world had ever seen and his name was Hannibal. Now the scribe is aware that you have been visited with white man’s vision (tele-vision) that Hannibal was a white man but the archaeology says…that it is not true. I have located an image of Black Hannibal but you would be surprised where I found it, you see when conquering nations invade a nation they destroy everything but the money. It is the money from antiquity that contains the true history of the world…that’s why you have coin dealers. Lets examine an image of Hannibal.
      What was Hannibal’s claim to fame? He and his men went over the alps and invaded the mighty Roman empire with war elephants! The consensus is that he burned and pillaged Rome for 14 years. He later lost the battle of Carthage to an Roman general by the name of Scipio Africanus and from that moment to this current generation, Carthage began to be called Africa….the name of an Italian general! The ancient name of Africa was called Libya, in fact at the time of Hannibal there were only three continents known to man….Europe, Libya and Asia see world map by Greek Historian Hecataeu below.
    You would do well to note that there is no such thing as a place called Africa and that is because the name was not known until the Roman general Scipio Africanus defeated Hannibal. This would also mean that the so-called Negro in America is neither African (because he is not Italian) nor American because he is not indigenous to this region of the world. Read the 2nd chapter of Acts when you get some time, it will reveal a little known secret to you and that secret is that black Jews that  were born in Libya (Africa)  came up to Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost to keep the feast of the Lord!
     You gotta be asking yourself why is the SCRIBE taking black history month into Europe? That is because black people were the first Kings in Europe and I shall take a moment to show you this.
Are you okay? Are you sweating? Did your food fall out of your mouth? You should be on research mode right about now! You should be questioning the public school education that you received and that college education that you paid for….you got played like a piano…off key! The above image of King Edward the 3rd is indisputable, black Kings ruled Europe and I can prove it.
     Before I go any further I would like to mention that the word Stuart was used to denote a black person in England in those days, Stuart means black! As you can see the deception from the European educational system, Museums and libraries are a lie…period. These are not the only Black Kings of Europe, if I had the time I could show you the black Popes and Knights as well. The purpose of this piece is to show you the real black history that is being hidden from the masses…blacks as well as whites.  I know your eyes have to be bucking out of your heads right now and they should be, the bible talks about a great covering vail that has been cast over the people of the earth. That covering vail is being spread through the Europeans invention called the Television, it is his vision (lies) being teleported into your mind! The history that we are being taught in the Americas is nothing but a big fat lie. So far you have blacks ruling in Mesopotamia, Europe and Africa (Libya) but notice, these are black people from around the world. This means that every Negro in America does not have his origination in Africa….think about it!
                                                             NOT ASIA TOO MR. SCRIBE
     As you can see from this ancient scroll that the original rulers of China were black people…it has become apparent that we were the rulers of the entire planet. The black races are being ruled by the very people who they used to rule. I wanted everyone to get a glimpse of what has been hidden from you, I wanted you to understand that there is a real black history month but we have yet to see it. Listen, I can do this all day but if you really are interested in learning the truth about the black people….go out and buy the book the Negro Question The African Slave Ships that came from Judah. The SCRIBE has got to go now but I will come and see you again when there is something worth writing about.Love!


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