Rumor Control: Peter Gunz Married To Keep Amina In The US


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Love and Hip Hop New York is only on its 3rd episode and its already filled with drama. The most talked about couple on the show is Peter Gunz, Tara (girlfriend) and Amina (Side Chick Wife). It has been made clear to us that Gunz married Amina and now everyone is trying to find out why. The rumor is that the couple married so Amina can stay in the United States because she is not an US citizen.

Peter sat down with The Breakfast Club to put the rumors to rest. This is what he said

“Yeah man, that’s the biggest rumor. Listen, I’m not going to marry somebody I don’t love. I would never get married to a person I didn’t love. And it definitely wasn’t’ for no green card. It was out of love. That’s not our case. If you in love with somebody, you may not necessarily want to be married, but you marry them to keep them with you. I don’t see nothing wrong with that, but it’s illegal”

EarHustle411 will keep you posted on this story as it develops.

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