“Rumor: Is Pebbles trying to sue Left Eye’s Estate”


According to unconfirmed reports, Pebbles is set to sue Left Eye’s estate over money that the late TLC star owed her back in 1992. Pebbles allegedly told a VH1 correspondent last week, “Just cuz she not here doesn’t mean she ain’t gotta pay what she owe. Everybody pays what they owe. Ask TLC.” Pebbles added, “TLC just did that BIG movie…hell, they can pay!”…


When asked if the negative portrayal had something to do with the suit, Pebbles said, “It’s just business.”


 According to Vlad TV, this is the reason why T- Boz and Chilli can’t perform Left Eye’s parts in songs because of legal issues.
Pebbles hasn’t confirmed nor denied the news.

Ear Hustle 411 will keep you guys posted…

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