“Rumor Has it That Dwyane Wade’s New Baby Mama is Lamar Odom’s Same Drug-Using Ex- Girlfriend”


Since news broke of Dwyane Wade’s new baby & baby momma, the streets have been talking and have allegedly identified the woman in question.

Her name is Sandrina Schultz and she’s the same woman who earlier this year detailed her and  Lamar Odom’s rampant drug use.

dwayne wade baby momma


Regardless of whether this is true or not, Gabby is a real trooper for dealing with all these shenanigans.  First his ex- wife fiasco and now another baby momma ordeal.  It takes a strong woman to deal with such nonsense.

It was reported earlier this year that the two took a hiatus from each other but that doesn’t mean to go have un-protected sex with someone else if the ultimate goal is to rekindle the relationship later.

Let’s hope this wedding with Gabby and Dwayne ends peacefully; the way things are looking, there may be some serious drama.


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you all posted as the drama unfolds.


Source: LoveBscott.com




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