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Rapper Wale Is Accused Of Asking Dark Skin Girls To Leave The VIP Section & Gave The Seats To Light Skin Girls

Rapper Wale Is Accused Of Asking Dark Skin Girls To Leave The VIP Section & Gave The Seats To Light Skin Girls

According to MTO News, Two dark skin Black women who had VIP wristbands (as “associates” of Wale) to attend his recent Unplugged concert in Washington D.C. says everything seemd great at first.

We were given red wristbands while the majority were given blue, were told we were VIP, and personally escorted to our seat which was the best seat in the house in my opinion; an elevated plush brown leather love seat that said “reserved,” with an ideal view of the stage. We were ecstatic.

But things quickly went LEFT:

Over the course of about an hour, the same young lady who sat us told us a total of three times that we had to move, without an explanation. Each time though, she would get distracted and the move never happened. Finally, we noticed the security guard whom we befriended while standing outside, approach two young ladies sitting about 10 feet away, closer to the stage, to tell them they had to switch seats with us. . . . The security guard basically forced them to move, after which we had to give up our plush brown leather sofa to sit in seats that barely accommodated one butt cheek. As we crossed paths with the two young ladies we looked at each other like “what is this about?” Then, my homegirl made a statement that set the tone for the rest of the night, “It’s because I’m not light-skinned.”

And there’s more:

Three minutes later, the same security guard whispered in our ear “I’m sorry but y’all have to move.” He could see in our faces that our cooperative spirit was quickly vanishing. We turned to our right and saw two light-skinned girls standing there waiting to take our seats; two girls who waltzed into the venue late, with blue wristbands which meant they weren’t VIP, which meant they weren’t “associates of Wale,” but they had the “look” that clearly Wale’s team wanted for the cameras. After an intense and passionate exchange of words with the security guard who claimed to understand our emotion but was just “doing his job,” we got up, humiliated, frustrated, confused and disrespected. Not only did we have to give up our seats a second time, but we didn’t get seats at all. Yes people, we had to stand the rest of the night.



Source:  MTO News

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