Rapper Turned Mogul Jay Z Is Set To Replace Donald Trump As Head Of Celebrity Apprentice

Rapper Turned Mogul Jay- Z Is Set To Replace Donald Trump As Head Of Celebrity Apprentice

Ear Hustle 411 came across a story that will blow Donald Trumps wig off. We just got news that Rapper gone Mogul Jay-Z will be replacing Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.

Check out what Media Take Out had to say about this exclusive change of events.

: MediaTakeOut.com just got some BLOCKBUSTER NEWS . . . Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has signed on to be the new STAR of Celebrity Apprentice!!! The deal is done – but the business folks are putting together the paperwork.

According to one of MediaTakeOut.com’s SNITCHES at RocNation – we’re told that the producers of Celebrity Apprentice reached out to a NUMBER OF CELEBS to get them to take over the show – and Jay was at the TOP OF THE LIST.

Our snitch explained, “Jay has been trying to show his business side to the public, this is the PERFECT opportunity.”

We’re told that the new show will have a TON of Tidal crossover promotion, and maybe even BEYONCE. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “[Jay] and Beyonce are a real business team, it’s not for show. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she came on the show to give her opinion too.”

Wow, this is a real GOOD LOOK for Jigga. GCONGRATS TO HIM for pulling this off.


Source:  MediaTakeOut

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