Rapper Big Boi Has Pissed Off African American Women & Black Twitter When He Posts A Meme & Portrays Them As Thots Compared To Mothers In The 70’s

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Atlanta Rapper Big Boi has set Black Twitter on fire when he posted a picture  on Instagram of a fictional character Florida Evans the mother in the 70’s show “Good Times” and created a meme with a stripper sitting in a chair to represent black mothers of today. Although he may have meant it as a joke, he seems to be the only one laughing.

Esther Rolle who played Florida Evans was a mother with integrity, she cooked, cleaned and made sure her children did their homework all while raising them with morals despite their circumstances of living in the projects and being dirt poor.

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Big Boi must have forgotten how embarrassed he was when his wife revealed she found naked photos of Andre 3000 in his phone and told his fans to expect an Outkast porno before an album.

The scantily clad woman sitting in the chair with her rectum completely exposed is supposed to represent mothers of today which couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.  Mothers are in school and working two and three jobs to provide for their families.  In the 70’s men were the providers but things have changed dramatically.

Big Boi should be ashamed of himself for depicting black women in such a negative light for the world to see.  He has a mother and maybe aunts, female cousins or sisters and to post such an ugly and negative view of black women is  repulsive and down right embarrassing to black women.


Big Boi, Maybe you should think about your fans before you disregard and degrade them for some likes.

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