Rapper And Actor David Banner Opens Up About His Health Issues

david banner

We all know the rapper turned actor David Banner. If you look at his appearance when he first come on the scene until now, you will notice a difference.  Check out this interview he did with BlackDoctor.Org about his weight lost and new look on life.

david banner

No matter where rapper David Banner goes, he always reps his home state of Mississippi (he literally has the state tattooed across his back). Now the rapper, producer and actor is seen in Oscar-winning films, on Capital Hill lobbying and working out. But the rapper wasn’t always fit. He grew up like many of us, eating lots of comfort foods. After ballooning to more than 255 lbs, his eating habits and (non-existent) workout routine had put his health at serious risk. Banner shared how (and why) he decided to finally drop the weight.

“To be honest with you, I had a motorcycle accident, and when I went into the emergency room, my blood pressure was so high that the doctor really didn’t treat any of the injuries from the accident. He’s like, ‘dude, you have a blood pressure problem that you need to handle.

Taking a more serious look at his health, Banner knew he had to change his eating habits. “Macaroni and cheese is probably the hardest thing for me, so is fried chicken,” admits Banner. “But what I tell people is this: once you submerge yourself into healthy eating, I am willing to bet any amount of money that you will find the same amount of healthy things that you like and dislike, that you would unhealthy things. I don’t like every unhealthy thing in the world. I don’t like fried catfish. There are certain things I don’t eat. But in the healthy world, there’s the same amount of things that I like and dislike, there’s certain things that I consider to be sweet. There’s a vegan smart cookie that they sell at Smoothie King that I love, and I really can’t taste the difference. There’s certain healthy salad dressings that taste as good as the unhealthy ones, but you just have to take the time out to submerge yourself in that world to find those things.”

Read More Here: BlackDoctor.Org

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1 Comment

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