Radio DJ Ramonski Luv Is Released From Clear Channel V103


Radio DJ Ramonski Luv Is Released From Clear Channel V103


Yet another Chicago radio veteran was released this week. WVAZ-FM/V103 top-rated host Ramonski Luv was let go earlier this week by Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Chicago. No reason has been given for the host’s abrupt exit.

Ramonski Luv was part of the #1 rated nighttime program, V103’s “The Real Show,” which he had long co-hosted with his on-air partner Joe Soto. The duo had celebrated their 10th anniversary together this past April.

He was last heard on the air on WVAZ-FM on Friday, hosting V103’s all-day 4th of July House music marathon, and then again on Sunday where he took part in an anti-gun violence special. Instead of returning to the airwaves on Monday night, Joe Soto was hosting the 6:00pm-10:00pm show by himself. No word was spoken about Luv.

Luv was completely scrubbed clean from the V103 website this week and the Facebook page for “The Real Show” was deleted.

While a few other Clear Channel radio veterans across the country were released this week, this does not appear to be a mandatory, corporate-ordered, wide-ranging layoff situation. The decision seems to be locally-ordered for reasons not yet known publicly.

Requests from Clear Channel Chicago for clarification on just why Ramonski Luv was released brings in a standard statement which is being given to all similar requests. That statement from Clear Channel Chicago’s spokesperson reads “It’s our policy not to discuss employee matters for privacy reasons. Joe Soto will continue to host evenings on V103.”

Ramonski Luv, whose true name is Raymond Wade III, graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 1984 and immediately began working in radio. He has spent his entire 30-year radio career in Chicago, much of which has been with Clear Channel Radio. He worked as a producer for numerous hosts at WGCI-FM, including Doug Banks, which is where he picked up the nickname of Romanski Luv. In the 1980s, he also created and hosted what is being called as Chicago’s first all-rap show, “Rap Down.” From there he went to host and co-host numerous other shows on WGCI-FM, and since 2000, on WVAZ-FM.

Over the years at stations like WGCI-FM and WVAZ-FM, “Ski,” as he is called affectionately, was known for his engaging personality and sense of humor, as well as his flamboyant fashion sense.

He also was a strong supporter of initiatives to help Chicago’s youth and communities. He has been taking part in “Back to School is Cool – Say No to Drugs & Yes to Education” promotions since 2006 and often spoke at Chicago schools. He frequently took part in anti-gun violence specials on the radio. To further help out local communities, Luv and his wife started a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Four Rivers Inc in 2010. In 2011, Ramonski Luv was honored with the Chicago Far-South Suburban NAACP President’s Outstanding Community Service Award for his work in addressing various social issues and challenges in the city.

Luv, who turns 52 this year, is married and the father of four children.

He has not yet offered any comment publicly or even to his many friends who have reached out to him, offering their support.



Source: Chicagoradiomedia.com




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