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Racist Man Kicked Off A London Train For Abusing A Muslim Woman For Sitting In First Class

Oh here we go yet again!! EarHustle411 doesn’t know what is really wrong nor what’s on people’s minds that they would to step outside their bodies and show their true colors as if it’s acceptable.  This guy was really bold with his racist antics and then he didn’t think he was going to be held accountable for his actions.  This piece of work felt like the Muslim woman and her son should not be sitting in First Class on the train.  As he is on the phone with whomever and spewing out his rant, he says it will be her word against his.  Well thank goodness for the employee on the train for stepping up on the Muslim woman’s behalf.  He was removed from the train all the while still talking crazy to the woman.  His racist tongue cost him $1440 and a fine of $62.4o payable to the woman he offended.  Hmmmpf…how’s that for punishment??

Read more and look at the video as reported by Carbonated TV:

Yet another racist told a woman she could not sit in a first-class train carriage, on account of her being a Muslim.

Sanaa Shahid and her 4-year-old son, Zayn, were aboard a Glasgow-bound train from London when they were insulted by solicitor Alexander MacKinnon, who was sitting in a seat in front of them.

“How did you get into first class? You don’t deserve to be in first class,” started the man. “You should be in common class. In fact, you shouldn’t be in this country at all.”

“The stupid cow doesn’t belong in this country. And now she’ll accuse me of insulting her and discriminating against her,” added the man, as Shahid quickly took out her phone to record his racial abuse.

The man was talking on the phone and relaying his discriminatory rant to someone on the other end. In the video, he was also heard telling the person, “It’s my word against her.”

However, at that moment, help came in the form of a staff member, who had seated himself next to Shahid just after the abuse started.

Immediately the train guard went to MacKinnon and shut him up epically by saying, “See now, it’s not just your word against hers. It’s mine as well because I heard it all.”

He was then told to get off the train but even then he did not stop his abuse.

“You’re so wonderful wasting police time, miss… and your f***ing son,” the solicitor said as a parting shot.

“You’re a disgrace to humanity, you know that. Just get off,” said Shahid.

He was then arrested by British Transport Police as he got off the train and ordered to appear at Carlisle Magistrates Court, where he pleaded guilty to a charge of racially aggravated public order offense. He was fined 1,154 pounds ($1,440) and ordered to pay 50 pounds ($62.4) to Shahid as compensation.

On her Twitter page, Shahid was all praise for the guard who helped her.

“Sat with us until the guy was taken off by [British Transport Police],” she added.

She also thanked the police for their “excellent support and reassurance u gave following this incident and for pursuing the matter.”

Source: Carbonated TV

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