Prosecutors Dropped Drug Charges Against Chicago Rapper Twista

Prosecutors Dropped Drug Charges Against Chicago Rapper Twista

Per James D. Wolf Jr. A freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Porter County has dropped drug charges against a Chicago rapper Twista and two of his friends who were arrested as they were approaching a South Haven concert venue in March.

Porter County dropped the charge against Carl Terrell Mitchell, 43, known as Twista, of the 4300 block of West Monroe Street in Chicago, and against two other men after the man driving the other three to a March 24 show at Big Shots pleaded guilty to Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana on Tuesday.

Johnnie A. Euell, 43, of the 2200 block of Mustang Road in Frankfort, Ill., received a sentence of 180 days on administrative probation — minus a day of time served in Porter County Jail, plus a $17 fine and an order to receive evaluation for substance abuse and follow any prescribed treatment.

Euell admitted in court that he was driving when police pulled over Mitchell’s Rolls Royce for following too close to a truck while traveling east on U.S. 6 near Scotsdale Street, and he admitted that police found in the car some marijuana that he said on Tuesday was his.

The other men in the car were Michael A. Moore, 43, of the 4900 block of 179th Street in Country Club Hills; and Darrin J. Woody, 26, of the 15200 block of Page Avenue in Harvey.


Source: Chicago Tribune

Written By: James D. Wolf Jr.

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