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Previous Threats Against Nordstrom Shooting Victim Detailed In Court Documents

Previous Threats Against Nordstrom Shooting Victim Detailed In Court Documents

The man who gunned down a University of Chicago student at a downtown department store on Black Friday was accused in April of cracking the woman’s ribs, stabbing her jacket and putting a gun in her mouth, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Marcus Dee, 31, and the sister of Nadia Ezaldein, 22, traded allegations in court records last spring as each sought protective orders against the other. In both cases, a Cook County judge dismissed the petition the day it was filed.

Friday night, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Dee walked into the accessories department at the Michigan Avenue Nordstrom, “exchanged words” with Ezaldein and shot her, authorities said. Dee shot Ezaldein in the head or neck, then turned the gun on himself and died inside the store.

It was Ezaldein’s birthday, her family said.

Dee sought a no-­contact order April 7 against Ezaldein’s sister, who is from Florida. He claimed the sister threatened to come to Chicago and have him arrested. He also said she threatened to take out a restraining order against him “to get me kicked out of the Army.”

She threatened to have a family member kill him, he said.

Finally, he claimed she called and told him by voicemail he’s “a dead motherf­­­—er.”

Cook County Judge Cynthia Ramirez denied his petition.

Then, on April 8, Ezaldein’s sister petitioned for her own no-­contact order against Dee. She accused him of dealing drugs and weapons, and she said he threatened to send private photos and videos to her father and brother.

She said he called her a whore, spit in her face, threatened to kill her and smashed Ezaldein’s phone.

The sister also claimed that, in March, Dee cracked Ezaldein’s ribs, broke her jaw, ripped her clothing, stabbed her jacket with a switch knife, ripped her boots, bruised her lip.

threw her clothing out the window and put a gun in her mouth. Finally, she said he called in April and threatened to kill himself because she had gotten the cops involved.

A police source said Dee is the son of Chicago Police officers. Despite multiple attempts, his parents have not been reached for comment.

Ezaldein’s sister said Dee also sent her text messages claiming to be Ezaldein, even though Ezaldein was with her.

Cook County Judge Caroline Kate Moreland denied the sister’s petition.

Dee and Ezaldein’s sister each claimed in their petitions to have filed a police report.

Ezaldein’s sister, who asked that her name not be used, has previously said Ezaldein dated Dee from August 2012 until she broke up with him in December 2013. But she said Dee continued to abuse her sister after that.

Another woman who sought an order of protection against Dee in 2007 told the Chicago Sun-Times she suffered similar abuse while dating Dee. The woman, who asked that her name not be used, said she dated Dee for three months that year. She said if she upset him or threatened to leave him “he would basically threaten your family or threaten your friends.”

That woman said she initially sought an order of protection against Dee after someone broke into her home and stole money after they broke up. She suspected Dee, but said she ultimately decided she didn’t want to provoke any further incidents and chose not to pursue the order of protection.

Ezaldein had studied law at the University of Chicago while also working at Nordstrom to support herself, her family said. Police said she was a seasonal worker at the department store. The university confirmed Ezaldein had been at student at the school, but said she was not enrolled for the fall semester.


Source:  MyFoxchicago.com

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