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Pregnant Girl Runs Over Another Pregnant Girl

I have heard of rivalries between women who happen to have connections with the same man but this story really just baffles me to the utmost.  What is most disturbing is the man who this mess is about seems to have a very nonchalant attitude about it as if he does not know this is all about his trifling behind.

Even though this story is from 2013, it does still ring relevant in today’s society.  I don’t know what it is going to take to get through to women who find themselves mixed up with men that mean them no good.  This is a prime example of  man who is so self-centered that he isn’t nor plans to be concerned with the fact that two women one of which was so engrossed with this piece of work that she would commit a crime.

It’s so sad to say but we are living in a time that I’ve read about in books and did research on for school and I tell you if some of these things going on are just disturbing.  Our world we live in now is becoming more popular than the best Hollywood blockbuster movie and unfortunately the box office bucks are the lowest it’s ever been!!!

We need some divine intervention like never before!!!

Police: Pregnant woman hit with car by also-pregnant rival

HOUSTON—A pregnant woman was seriously injured Thursday morning when another pregnant woman intentionally hit her with a car, pinning her against a southwest Houston home, police said.

The incident happened in the 9600 block of Ravensworth Drive, where Christopher Chaney lives with his pregnant girlfriend, Alise Kelly.

Chaney said his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Shareyll Hunter, showed up at the house Thursday morning and started arguing with Kelly.

“I was in my house asleep, and then one of my kids’ mothers came,” Chaney said. “I mean, they been texting and talking over the phone saying they want to fight each other and meet up right here and do it.”

All of the commotion outside roused Chaney from bed.

“When I came outside, I seen my kids’ mother punching on the window and she wanted to fight the other one,” Chaney said.

He said Hunter jumped into his car and gunned it, pinning her 21-year-old rival between the car and the house, police said.

Witnesses heard Kelly screaming in pain.

“[She was screaming] ‘It hurts, it’s burning and her baby,’” a neighbor said. “And I was like, ‘She’s pregnant,’ and that’s when I seen her leg twisted.”

Kelly was rushed to the hospital with two broken legs. Doctors had to amputate one leg. The baby is expected to be OK.

Hunter drove off in her ex-boyfriend’s four-door Lincoln LS. She remained on the loose at last check.

Hunter is five months pregnant and the victim is four months pregnant. Chaney, 26, says he is the father in both cases.

Reporter: “You think it [the hit-and-run] is because of you getting them pregnant?”

Christopher Chaney: “I mean, I’m handsome.”

Chaney has two other children with Hunter. He bragged he’s also fathered children with two other women, bringing the total to four, with two more on the way.

Source: KHOU – Houston, Texas


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