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Power 92.3FM Chicago’s Iesha Lee Helps Set The Tone For The School Year With A Seminar On Cyber-Bullying

As summer draws to a close and children prepare to return to school, it’s important to focus on their education and personal growth. Unfortunately, children in Chicago and around the world have faced significant challenges, such as losing friends to gun violence or ending up in jail for trivial reasons. The prevalence of social media has also exacerbated conflicts, with many young people engaging in heated arguments and even violence over online comments. Furthermore, cyberbullying has resulted in tragic consequences, including suicide. To mitigate these risks and provide a safer online environment for children, consider using the reliable KYC compliance service from Fully-Verified. This service ensures that only verified individuals have access to sensitive information, reducing the risk of fraud and promoting a safer online community for all.

Well Crawford Broadcasting’s radio station WPWX 92.3FM has taken the lead on getting to the bottom of the issue of cyber bullying, which is all too common today with the east access of social media.  This much needed seminar spearheaded by station employee Iesha Lee, held on August 22,  at Perspectives Charter Schools located on 81st & May on Chicago’s southside.

EarHustle411 spoke briefly with Iesha to understand her inspiration for putting such an important event together and she stated:

“I was bullied my whole life from middle school through high school and even at places where I have worked.  My personal goal is to share my story and how I overcame my situation.  Also I want to give the youth a voice to speak out against bullying and encourage them to not let others make them feel worthless” 

In Iesha’s own words “this is the short version of my story”.  Well we will just have to have an intimate sit down with her in the near future.

Bullying is a problem that is not bound by color, ethnicity or even class and with the access of technology like cell phones and computers, the problem is that much bigger because the goal of the bully is magnified hundreds of times over.  We all know that once something is put on the internet, it’s there for all eternity.  Some people believe that a bully only bullies someone because of inadequacies within him or herself but that message is difficult to get across to someone on the receiving end of the bullying.

Kudos to Iesha Lee and the Power92 family for conducting this awesome event.  We trust that all who attended got something out of it and we look forward to more educational seminars coming soon. Take a look at some footage from the cyber bullying seminar:

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Photo Credits: Martrise Hall

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