Police Kicked In An 84-Year Old Woman’s Door, Pepper Sprayed Her, Tasered Her Son All Over A Traffic Violation [Video]

Police Kicked In 84- Year Old Womans Door, Pepper Sprayed Her, Tasered Her Son All Over A Traffic Violation [Video]

Muskogee Police Officers looking for a young man who ran a stop sign chased him to his residence.  Once they got to the residence, they asked him to come outside.  The young man refused to go outside so these well-trained police officers did exactly what they were trained not to do.  The cops then kicked off 84-Year olds Geneva Smiths door the mother of the suspect without a warrant letting themselves in.

Once inside, a female cop tells the old lady to turn around.  within about 30 seconds Before the old lady could turn around the cop doused her with pepper spray at close range directly in her face.

Another cop told her son to put his hands up which he did immediately.  The cop then said, “I’m going to taser you and did exactly that after the young man complied.

What kind of police would do this to a senior citizen and think this was o.k?

there is an ongoing investigation as the police department is saying there is more to this story.  Either there is more to the story or they will create something additional to get themselves off.  This was pretty cut and dry.


See video below:

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