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Police Car Dash Cam In Sandra Bland Arrest Shows The Officer As The Aggressor

With the continuous and overwhelming information being released about the Sandra Bland case, the more unbelievable it is that this woman is deceased.  EarHustle411 viewed the dash cam video and we are utterly and completely SPEECHLESS.

Since when is it appropriate for an officer to be extremely disrespectful and threaten to “light up” a driver during a traffic stop or request a driver to exit the car for something as simple as a lane change violation.  Since we are not law enforcement personnel and the law portion of this of this situation we cannot speak on but the driver and so forth we can relate to.  While we can understand the frustration of being pulled over especially for a black person whether male or female, it seems like immediate internal defense mechanisms are activated.

So the question of the day is very simple, How does one respond to a verbally abusive officer when pulled over during a traffic stop?

Sandra Bland

photo credit (Sandra Bland’s Facebook Page)

The likelihood of a person of color being pulled over for a traffic stop is 10 times greater than that of any other race.  Why?…because it’s the assumption the people of color are inferior and they don’t “deserve”  to be treated with respect. Well that mentality should have died with slavery…oh but wait, the physical act of slavery may be over however the  mental depiction of it is alive and well.  As much as we try to sweep the “racial divide” under the carpet, it’s still not being addressed and the more we sweep the bigger the lump gets until eventually the rug has to be cleaned out from under.  It is then and only then when all of the mess we tried to hide will have to be discussed but will it be too late…we will never know because we never get to that point.

racial dfference photo

The above picture was Sandra Bland’s Facebook cover page, and it certainly bears some truth for obvious reasons.  Dylann Roof willingly took the lives of 9 black people in the House of God and his apprehension was without struggle or incident but Sandra Bland now deceased was not afforded the same options.  As Ricky Ricardo would say “Lucy…you have some ‘splaining to do”.

Indeed some explanation is warranted better yet demanded because not another person black, white, brown or blurple should love their life after an “encounter” with the police.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff will continue to bring stories like Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman and Sam DuBose to the forefront because it’s not only our duty but as humans we should be outraged and compelled to do something.

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