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Police Car Dash Cam Footage Of Dylann Roof’s Arrest In Shelby, NC Emerges

dylann roof arrest

EarHustle411 came across the actual video footage of the traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of Dylann Roof, who murdered 9 people in the historic black church Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC.  Considering the havoc Dylann caused with his dirty deed, it’s interesting that the traffic stop was uneventful.

He didn’t cut up or act a fool, there was no struggle and from what EarHustle411 could see and the police in Shelby, NC seem to be on point with their efforts to ensure that nothing went awry.  Just looking at the video, it seems like Dylann Roof wanted to get caught.  Well, we guess being on the run from the law can be quite draining.

Check out the video:

Well EarHustle411 is grateful his capture went smoothly and no further loss of life was taken.

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