Pittsburgh Mother Allegedly Beat Teacher With A Brick After A Discussion About Her Child’s Cell Phone

Daishonta Williams

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According to NYDN, A Pittsburgh mother allegedly followed her daughter’s teacher, hit her with a brick, dragged her out of her car and beat her over a discussion about the child’s cellphone Wednesday.

Daishonta Williams, 29, met with 46-year-old Janice Watkins — who teaches at Pittsburgh King PreK-8 School — after the child allegedly bit the teacher when she took away the fourth grader’s phone, KDKA-TV reported.

The school district has a no-cellphone policy for students. The 10-year-old girl claims Watkins had choked her, which enraged Williams.

“She (Watkins) is going to get it later,” the mother reportedly said.

Williams and her boyfriend are accused of following the teacher as she was leaving the school. Sources told KDKA that Watkins was heading to a clinic to check out the bite wound.

The teacher was stopped at an intersection when Williams got out of a vehicle and threw a brick at the teacher, hitting her in the face, before beating her.

Watkins was taken to a hospital for facial injuries and lost a tooth. Watkins and her boyfriend fled the scene.

“We are deeply troubled by the violent act against a teacher of the Pittsburgh Public Schools that occurred on the West End Bridge yesterday afternoon,” the Pittsburgh Public School District said in a statement. “We are currently cooperating with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department’s investigation.”

Williams is charged with stalking, reckless endangerment, making a terroristic threat and aggravated assault. Her boyfriend has not been charged.

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