Phaedra Park Reportedly Leaving Real Housewives Of Atlanta

phaedra parks

With her husband getting ready to do an eight-year stretch in prison, Phaedra Parks might be taking a break from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

There’s chatter that Phaedra has decided Apollo’s incarceration might be the perfect opportunity for her to step back from the spotlight just a bit. StraightFromTheA.com reports that the mortician/attorney will be taking a leave of absence from the Bravo series, and she’s cutting back on the amount of filming she’s done.

Supposedly, Phaedra wants to take this time to focus on her her sons once Apollo turns himself in later this year.

Neither Phaedra nor Apollo have confirmed whether reports of her temporary exit are true at this time. If the rumors are true, season 7 of “RHOA” won’t be entirely Phaedra-free. She’s already filmed quite a few scenes for the show.

SFTA.com also reported that Phaedra actively avoided shooting with Apollo at a recent event for Cynthia Bailey. When she found out that he would be at the party, she opted not to attend. He was spied talking to Kenya Moore, however, as they reportedly made one final attempt to settle their differences before he enters lockup.

Source: S2S


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