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Pastor Paula White Shares Stories About Donald Trump’s Faith And Compassion…Is This An Endorsement?

This current presidential race has been nothing short of disturbing, embarrassing and downright full of ridiculousness and it’s amazing how many people in leadership type positions are endorsing the foolishness going on.


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The most recent alleged endorser for candidate Donald Trump is Pastor Paula White, a woman who pastors a church that’s reportedly predominantly African-American. Now EarHustle411 isn’t saying people cannot support whomever they choose because that’s their right, what we are saying is why as a spiritual leader, would she want to put herself in a position of an assumed endorsement of a man that spews hatred and has expressed such a disdain for immigrants, blacks, women and hispanics, because she’s been in his circle for several years.  Let’s be completely real, most people have a different persona when they go home and what they portray in public may be the complete opposite.

Take a look at a video of Pastor Paula White speaking about Donald Trump at a rally that occurred on March 6, 2016:

Again people are free to endorse whomever they so choose but we’d like to know what planet Pastor Paula White has been living on?  A person is known by the fruits they bear and so far the only fruits we’ve seen from Trump in this race is his bullying, racial tendencies and hatred of people who are not like him.  Anyone who can publicly say they’ll pay the court costs of a supporter if arrested for being violent, clearly has some issues.  Of course a person in public could be very different in private and unfortunately it’s not the private the voting people are concerned with.

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