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Pastor Jenkins Comes Clean About Longtime Affair & False Extortion Accusations From Mistress

Honestly I am appalled at the behavior of Pastor Jenkins and as a Christian I have to be mindful of my thoughts so that they do not become thoughts of judgement.  When a person gets so engrossed in their position of authority that the lines of reality can be blurred.  As a leader of a spiritual institution said leader has a responsibility to the members to maintain a sense of decorum and restraint.  Also as members we have a responsibility to respect the position of the pastor and not cross any lines of obscurity as well.  In reality this is a classic case of a married man pursuing another married woman however in the realm of spirituality the accusations that it’s the woman’s fault fly first, painting her as a homewrecking {expletive} and the pastor get an opportunity to try to clear his name and “correct” his image.

The fact is simple and if we keep it on a “human” level and not mix in the spiritual factor we can still see that BOTH parties are in the wrong.  He’s married and so was she  and she knew it, he pursued and she accepted there’s nothing more simple than that.  Rae Lewis-Thornton gave the mistress a platform to tell her story because she was paint as the “bad girl” when an unsavory photo of him surfaced.  Mundi Griffin (the mistress) took the opportunity to clear her name and disparaged Pastor Jenkins’ as well.  I pray that Pastor Jenkins and Ms Griffin both seek out the help they need to get past this and move on with their lives.

Check out the story and the confession as reported by Black Christian News Network One (BCNN1):

Pastor Charles Jenkins Has Reportedly Admitted to his Church that he Had an 8-Year Adulterous Relationship with a Woman by the name of Mrs. Mundi Griffin; She Admits the Adulterous Relationship as well, but Blasts Pastor Jenkins for Lying About her Extorting him from the Pulpit to Save his Reputation

Pastor Charles Jenkins

(Pastor Charles Jenkins is one of the most talented young preachers we have seen come along in a long time. It is our prayer that he and his family get healed and get the help that they need. Unfortunately, this situation is so damaging all the way around that it is our prayer he is strongly considering resigning or at least taking a long sabbatical so he and his wife can get the healing and help that they need. It is our prayer and hope that he has the class not to do what so many preachers caught in bad situations like this do, and that is, to plough ahead like nothing has happened. It would not benefit him, his wife, his children, the church there, or the body of Christ. After much deliberation, BCNN1 is only reporting this to be fair and balanced to all parties involved, to warn the body of Christ to “be sure your sins will find you out” so don’t get involved in evil situations in the first place, and to encourage the body of Christ not to sit and laugh with the world, but to sit and pray for the saints who have stumbled and fallen, to help pick them up, and to pray for the world “for they know not what they do.”)

According to a blog post published by a former member of Fellowship Chicago, Rae Lewis-Thornton, Pastor Charles Jenkins, who has been embroiled in a scandal involving a naked picture of him being posted online, confessed to his church that he had been involved in an 8-year affair with a woman by the name of Mrs. Mundi Griffin. It is reported that Jenkins made the confession with his wife, Tara Jenkins, by his side on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.

Mundi Griffin

Jenkins said that “he had already asked his wife for forgiveness and was now appealing to the church” to do the same. According to the report by Rae Lewis-Thornton, a former church member, Jenkins allegedly named the woman involved in the affair — Mrs. Mundi Griffin (a Chicago businesswoman) — and claimed that she was now extorting him. Mrs. Mundi Griffin, however, denies extorting Rev. Charles Jenkins, and calls him a “liar”. She further told him in a text message, “for you to fabricate a story to defend your reputation and publicize it is irresponsible and disgusting. I have kept our affair a secret even beyond my departure. But you elect to wrongfully defame me across your pulpit.”

While the affair was going on, Mrs. Griffin (who had been married for a year) worked for Fellowship Chicago (then known as Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church) and was paid a salary of $106,000. Jenkins allegedly fired two other church officials in order to hire Griffin and be able to pay her the six-figure salary. Griffin, who joined the church in 2004, left the church after five years, however, she said the affair continued for three years after that.

In her post, Thornton said that she knows Mrs. Griffin personally and interviewed her about the affair. In the interview, Griffin states that Pastor Jenkins had promised to leave his wife for her. Griffin said their relationship “ended on peaceful terms” and that “there was nothing to talk about publicly.”

When the picture of Charles Jenkins appeared on the Obnoxious Blog a few weeks ago, Griffin received a series of text messages from Jenkins in which he accused her of releasing the photo, said he “wanted it to end,” and asked “what will it take to end this.” Those text messages, as posted by Rae Lewis-Thornton, are below:






Griffin said neither she nor her lawyer had ever sent any extortionate or threatening letters to Pastor Jenkins and charged him with “defaming her name” in front of the church family. She also said she had never had any contact with the owner of the Obnoxious Blog which posted the picture and she emphasized that she never attempted to extort Pastor Charles Jenkins, otherwise, she would be in jail right now.

At the time of this report, it is still not clear who posted these damaging pictures of Pastor Charles Jenkins.

The full interview conducted by Rae Lewis-Thornton is below:

RLT: Mundi, let’s cut to the chase. Are you extorting Rev. Jenkins

Mundi: Hell No!  If that were the case this conversation would be taking place with me behind bars.

RLT: So you never sent him any kind of communication demanding $50,000 or you would release information about your relationship?

Mundi: Absolutely not!  Again, if that were the case this conversation would look a lot differently.

RLT: Have you had any correspondence with Rev. Jenkins regarding this incident?

Mundi: Yes, he called me a few times on the Tuesday after he made the announcement from the pulpit but I didn’t answer. Instead I sent him a text and we had a heated exchange.

RLT: From reading these texts, it seems he was trying to get you to admit to extorting him. This was the first contact you had with him in any fashion regarding this matter of extortion:

Mundi: Yes

RLT: So let me ask you this, do you know this guy from the Obnoxious Blog where the picture was posted or have ever had any contact with him?

Mundi: No, I was just as shocked to read the blog as everyone else.

RLT: What did you think when you read the blog?

Mundi: Here he goes again, in yet another relationship with a woman other than his wife.

RLT: Well let’s talk about that… When did your relationship begin with Rev. Jenkins?

Mundi: I joined Easter 2004. Our first conversations were via email and a few phone conversations. He was always picking my brain about his vision for Fellowship.  We would also talk fashion as he was always complementary of my fashion choices.

RLT: When did it shift?

Mundi: Well, in one planning meeting regarding the BoardRoom he asked me to step out of the meeting in the middle of the meeting.  Once we were on the other side of the door, he looked down at my finger bearing my wedding ring and asked,

“What is that”

“My wedding ring,” I said.

He then asked, “Does he know what he has?

I said “I hope so,” Now, knowing damn well that my husband didn’t know what to do with me.  My marriage had really ended before it started and my growing relationship with Charles Jenkins didn’t help it one bit. We were only married a little over a year.

RLT: Why did you keep the relationship a secret even after it was over? Some women are vindictive

Mundi: We actually ended on peaceful terms at first but there was nothing to talk about publicly.  I confided in my close girlfriends but that was it. To what benefit would I have gained from discussing it publicly?

RLT: You didn’t want to hurt him?

Mundi: It wasn’t about “hurt”.  The relationship had ended and there was nothing to talk about.  I was anxious to leave the past where it was and move forward in a healthy relationship.

RLT: Why are you going public now?

Mundi: Because he has given me no other choice. He’s made our affair public and has painted me as a scorned woman that is extorting him.  He has fabricated a story to deflect the larger issue at hand.  He has misused the pulpit on an Easter Sunday to push his messy circumstances of infidelity and has lied while doing so.  This is an abuse of power and a misuse of the pulpit.  I want my name cleared and I want a retraction.

Source –BCNN1

Source: RLT – Rae Lewis Thornton of Chicago





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