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“Pastor Arrested for Raping Disabled Girl at her Fathers Request”


A Baptist pastor has been arrested for  allegedly raping a disabled woman who has a mental age of a seven-year-old at  her father’s request.

David ‘Scott’ Lemley, 43, is accused of  raping the woman, 20, on several occasions because his wife was bedridden with a  debilitating illness, according to arrest documents.

The alleged victim’s father is said to have  offered up his daughter to the pastor, of  New Harmony Baptist Church, Baton Rouge.

She reported the attacks to police who  arrested her father in November.

He remains in East Baton Rouge Parish  Prison  on a variety of sexual offenses.

But detectives on Saturday also detained  Lemley on one count of aggravated rape.

He is being held in Parish Prison in lieu of  $75,000 bail. The victim could not provide investigators  with exact dates of the alleged rapes.

Lemley, who denies the charges was first  questioned about the claims late last year, insisting that the alleged victim  ‘is known for making up stories for no  reason,’ a detective wrote in the warrant, according to The Advocate news website.

Documents also say that Lemley failed to turn  up for an arranged lie-detector test on December 6, last year.

Lemley was also booked on a count of theft of  a motor vehicle on Saturday.  He is accused  of giving away a car, that he  was meant to be repairing for someone, to a member of his church.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

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