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Parents Objects To The Race Of Their 19-Year Old Daughter’s Baby; Teen Mom Throws Newborn Baby Out Of 8th Floor Window

This story is by far one of the most disturbing story EarHustle411 and the writing staff has ever posted.  We can understand a teen mother being afraid to inform a parent they are pregnant.  This 19-year-old young woman cared more that her parents would object the baby’s mixed race than the life of the baby itself.  We have absolutely no words for this.  There’s a dead baby and another teen going to jail for murder.  It’s so sad how someone can just toss a baby away like yesterday’s garbage…truly shameful.

Read more as reported by The Patch:

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A 19-year-old woman has been charged with first degree murder after police said she dropped her newborn baby girl out of an eight-story window.

The infant’s mother, Mubashra Uddin, of the 800 block of West Eastwood Ave. in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, reportedly confessed to throwing the baby out the window after giving birth.

A man visiting his girlfriend in the building found the baby girl around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday in a patch of grass near a Dumpster. Thinking it was a doll that someone left outside, a closer look revealed a baby with its umbilical cord still attached and covered with embryonic fluid.

The Cook County Medical Examiner said the baby died from blunt-force trauma.

The baby girl was rushed to Weiss Memorial Hospital in critical condition — less than a block away from the building — where the infant died moments later.

Neighbors gathered for a vigil Friday night near where the baby was found.

“I would have taken the baby — I’m 71,” building resident Katy Marie Gray told CBS 2’s Mike Parker.

Police sources told the television station the family was opposed to the pregnancy because the child was mixed race. The mother is of East Indian descent and the father African American.

The Illinois Safe Haven Law provides Illinois parents who cannot cope with caring for a newborn a safe alternative to abandonment. Parents can safely drop off an infant less than 30 days old at a medical facility, fire or police station and walk away, no questions asked.

Weiss Hospital is steps away from the building where the baby was found on Eastwood, and the Chicago Fire Department’s Wilson Avenue Firehouse is located blocks away, making the tragedy doubly hard for residents to accept.

A hearing is scheduled for Saturday at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building, but it’s not clear if Uddin will be present as police said she is in the hospital.

No police booking photo is available of the mother.

Source: The Patch

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1 Comment

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