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Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Are Calling It Quits After 33 Years Together…WOW!!

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are completely shocked by the news of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne dissolving their marriage after 33 years because it just seems that people don’t stay married these days.  We do have to wonder why after 33 years, that is a very long time to be together and then decide…oh well it’s time, we’re done.  Ozzy had been battling drugs and alcohol addition but has reportedly been sober for at least the last 3 years.  Reports about the split are saying that it’s not because of Ozzy’s sobriety as we do know he has been fighting a battle to stay sober because he has done some strange while under the influence.  Back in 1989 Ozzy tried to strangle Sharon while he heavily intoxicated and although she did not press charges against him he was arrested for attempted murder. Now if they were able to get passed that situation, what could have brought them to the breaking point now?


Photo Credit: Star Map

It also seems that back in 2014 the Osbournes put their home on the market according to Starmap.com, and the couple stated they never stayed in the same place more than 7 years. The Osburnes in all of their good, bad and indifferent times was one of the couples we’d hope would stay together, as they had been able to work through all of the mess from the past but obviously everyone has their breaking points.  Well, even though their split is surprising to the EarHustle411 writing staff, we wish them both well and prayerfully they can remain friends in their separate lives. We also pray that this does not knock Ozzy off of his sobriety ledge.

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