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Owner Of American Diner Who Hates Welfare Recipients Convicted Of Welfare Fraud

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Michael Tassone is the owner of the “American Diner” in Liverpool, New York, a small suburb of Syracuse. The diner’s quaint appearance and patriotic name comes with a surprising amount of contempt. Tassone is what you would call the typical American conservative: he lives in fear and hates everything. His diner’s menu is full of clever plate names like “The Obama Plate,” consisting eggs and toast for $3.69 with a tax of $27. Yes, very clever. He also features the “Anti-Michelle Obama Don’t Tell Me What To Eat Or Feed My Kids Burger.” Lots of effort went into making this diner the perfect place for idiots to eat.

Surrounded by Gadsden flags and signs encouraging open carry of firearms, Tassone has built an atmosphere where anyone who hates the poor, women, minorities and Muslims can gather together to pray and hate together. As we all know, one of the favorite things for conservatives to get all pissy about is welfare. If you need a hand in this country, expect the common conservative to call you a lazy moocher. That’s what makes this such a satisfying story to tell.

According to Syracuse.com, Tassone and his wife were recently convicted of…wait for it…welfare fraud. By passing fraudulent documents and lying to the government, the couple received Medicaid benefits they weren’t entitled to in the amount of $23,000. Both received one-year suspended sentences and they were forced to repay the money to the state. Tassone, who says he’s a “target” because of his anti-government themed restaurant, was given five years to repay the fraud back in 2011, a consideration the state was under no obligation to provide.

 District attorney Michael Kasmarek said the couple had a much more serious felony fraud charge dismissed as a part of the deal to allow them time to repay the state before sending the case to the grand jury. In the end, these people, who could easily be considered the biggest hypocrites of all time, got off fairly easy. All they  had to do was take personal responsibility for their actions and repay the benefits they stole from the people of New York.

How is that for irony? Their dumbass little diner was featured once in a video special on Syracuse.com. You can see just how ridiculous the diner and the people who frequent it are below:

Surely Tassone and his wife have come up with some reason why their actions are Obama’s fault. They run what seems to be a successful business, yet they still felt the need to defraud the government. The fact that they used the conservative theme while stealing welfare benefits is hopefully something the good people of Liverpool will never let them live down.

Source: Winning Democrats

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